Poof! Just like that.. the 2017 IDF world cup circuit is nearing its close. However, it is far from over.

Killington World Cup is the last race of the year and quite possibly the most exciting. The rankings have a number of top contenders still in the running for world champion, and this race will determine it all.

The event is being held on an access road to Kilington Ski Resort in the Green Mountains of Central Vermont. The hill is notorious for being one of the fastest race tracks with speeds reaching upwards of 68mph (110kph) on skate and 81mph (130kph) on luge. A series of high-speed 50+mph edge-of-traction sweepers dump into the Super Straight, which concludes with a mega left hairpin.

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The last and fastest stop on the 2017 IDF tour is fast approaching! Sept 8-10 brings Killington IDF World Cup & Freeride 2017 to Killington, VT for 3 days of fast, fun riding at North America's only World Cup: #KillingtonWCWho will break last year's top speeds of 68mph (109.4kph) standup and 81mph (130.4kph) luge?Current world #1-ranked Open & Women's downhill skateboard racers Carlos Augusto Correia Paixão and Emily Pross are both registered. Are you? If not, sign up to race (or freeride!) at bit.ly/KillingtonWCreg.Not an #IDFRacing member? Friday's leathers-optional freeride does not require membership, and Saturday's leathers-required freeride registration includes 1 year of free IDF - International Downhill Federation membership. Be there!Video by Matt Frazer Productions; Organizer: #EmgeeEvents

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If you have not yet signed up, there are still some perks to registering early! Save $10 by pre-registering on the Killington IDF Page. In addition to skate and luge race divisions, there is a a leathers-optional freeride day on Friday;  Saturday's leathers-required freeride registration includes 1 year free IDF membership for interested non-active members. Downhill skate, all varieties of luge, inline, gravity bikes, and all other gravity devices that pass tech inspection are welcome in the freeride (drift trikes are Friday only).

Alright, let’s take a closer look at the numbers..

Brazil has proven itself as the dominant force to be reckoned with. If Carlos Paxiâo finishes 6th or higher, he will secure his 3rd straight world title. The Brazilian won last year’s race at Killington and his lowest finish this year was 11th (King’s Gate). However 6th is not a huge cushion - Fellow Brazilian Thiago Gomes Lessa is looking to dethrone Carlos and take his 1st ever World Champion title. Thiago is the only racer this season to have won 3 races - 2 of them World Cups. Considering his win at Killington 2015, he is strong contender to the throne. If he wins, Carlos will have to place 1st or 2nd in consis to retain 1st place in world rankings. We anticipate an exciting battle between these two Brazilian powerhouses.

Australian Mitch Thompson is out to stop the Brazilian party. Mitch made it to last year’s finals at Killington and is currently #2 in the world Open rankings. If he lands on the podium and Carlos finishes outside the top 14, an Australian could be the 2017 World Champion. He has his work cut out for him!

There are slimmer, but still potential chances for Pepe Laporte (Brazil) and 3 Americans who are looking to defend their homeland: Daniel Engel, Daina Banks and Aaron Hampshire. The battle for 3rd place in World Rankings will be fierce, and other international registrants like Douglas Dalua (BR) and Brennan Bast (AUS) will fight to podium and to secure their best possible 2017 IDF rankings. With a strong enough finish in Open, Emily Pross could crack Top 10 in rankings, too.

In the Women's category, Emily Pross (USA) has already earned the maximum points available, securing 3 straight years as Women’s World Champion. However there is some great intrigue just behind her. Julia Barklow (USA) is currently sitting 4th in rankings, but Candy Dungan (USA) and Sabrina Ambrosi (ARG) are gunning to overtake her for 3rd. Cassandra Duchesne (CAN) and Sirley Tabares Builes (COL) will aim to launch into top-10 rankings, and more women are likely to sign up. Racing will be fast and fierce, and several of the women are racing both Women's and Open. Let's go ladies!

In the Juniors category Taylor Cook (New Zealand) currently is #1 in the world rankings, but Bruno Vidal Vieira (Brazil) and Tristan Cardillo (Switzerland) are just a few points a way. The 2017 Juniors World title may depend on who travels to the World Cup in the USA.

Damian Derek Blanquer Gelez (Spain)  leads the Masters category, but with the last World Cup points up for grabs, there are still 5 racers who have a chance of winning the 2017 Masters World title. Who will sign up?

Abdil Mahdzan (Malaysia) looks likely to earn back-to-back Luge World titles, but Ryan Farmer (USA) and Will Stephenson (United Kingdom) have a chance if Abdil does not register. If Ryan wins Killington and Will doesn't register, he will take the world title. There is already a strong stable of luge racers signed up, including Kolby Parks, who sits in 4th but can jump to 3rd if he wins this last event. 80mph racing is coming at you fast!

If you'd rather Volunteer than race or freeride, you can sign up here. Spectating is free.

We look forward to seeing you there!

*photos courtesy of Harfang Wheels

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