It was a bit surprising to wake up and see blue skies this morning, but it was definitely the ray of sunshine we were hoping to have for qualifying today. The road was grippy and dry today aside from a short 30-min delay for light drizzle. We started with 2 practice runs and then promptly went into qualifying.

As one of the more challenging and high-speed courses we’ve had on the circuit this year, the dry conditions helped all the skaters make their way down the course. We asked Brennan Bast (#1 qualifier in open skateboard) what was the most notable part on the track and he told us, “Coming into the bridge lefty. I’ve never wanted to air brake so much.”

Brennan Bast, top qualifier.

Top 10 Open

  1. Brennan Bast 1:54.08
  2. Timothy Del Rosario 1:54.43
  3. Maxwell Capps 1:54.99
  4. Aaron Hampshire 1:55.19
  5. Zak Maytum 1:55.22
  6. Thiago Gomes Lessa 1:55.22
  7. Chase Hiller 1:55.33
  8. Emily Pross 1:55.55
  9. Kyle Wester 1:55.59
  10. Mitch Thompson 1:55.82

The street luge classes put down the fastest 4 times on the hill and those were met with equally high speeds down the course. Ryan Farmer came out on top of the luge (and overall times) today with his fastest run at 1:51.54

Top 10 Luge

  1. Ryan Farmer 1:51.45
  2. Kolby Parks 1:51.73
  3. David Dean 1:53.94
  4. Tim Koch 1:54.02
  5. Joey Kates 1:55.90
  6. Michael O’Keeffee 1:56.39
  7. Christopher Hicks 1:57.14
  8. Fred Desjardins 2:02.43
  9. Shane MacDougall 2:05.08
  10. Matthew Yates 2:06.01

The women class has 9 competitors this year and the racing will definitely be tight. Emily Pross topped out as the #1 qualifiers in the category  with a 7 second lead on the #2 qualifier Cassandra Duchesne.

Women’s Class:

  1. Emily Pross 1:55.55
  2. Cassandra Duchesne 2:02.77
  3. Sabrina Ambrosi 2:03.44
  4. Candy Dungan 2:06.12
  5. Jennifer Schuarte 2:08.11
  6. Shirley Yuliana Tabares Builes 2:12.07
  7. Julia Barklow 2:14.11
  8. Areum Amy Jung 2:41.54
  9. Dayeon Wee 2:49.86

Racing will also be close for the juniors class and the rest of those who will be competing in repechage for positions 28-32 in the open class race.


  1. Daniel Minsky 1:58.78
  2. Taylor Cook 1:59.67
  3. Bruno Vidal Vieira 2:04.92
  4. Christopher Antrum 2:09.96
  5. Jesse Fabrizio 2:15.63
  6. Ethan Ledger 2:17.39
  7. Mason Shin 2:19.66
  8. Owen Fox 2:35.35


  1. Jeff Monologski 2:14.91
  2. John Fletcher 3:05.77

Many riders were testing their limits on the hill today while feeling out the track at full speeds. As some of you might have seen on our Instagram feed yesterday. #2 qualifier Tim Del took a spill(see photo above) coming into the bottom left turn (but it seems like he’s figured it out now). Other riders also went hard into the bottom left turn today.

After having two good days of fast runs and (mostly) favorable runs many of the riders have started to get this course dialed.

To view the full results from qualifying today click the link here!

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Photos courtesy of Khaleeq Alfred

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