Keeping it High: Sun Shining and Qualifying Underway

The sun has been shining and the weather has been pleasantly hot. Keeping It High is officially under way.

​While the crew was finishing up with set up on day 1 some of the skaters walked down to check out the jellyfish.

​They were pretty damn big.

​The local government was supposed to send course workers to assist the police with road blockage but they bailed out last minute. When that happened the local United crew got together and sat out a few runs so the rest of the riders could skate.

​After a short and very hot first day, many of the racers were content to go for a swim and have a quick siesta.

​Day two kicked off with a few practice runs then qualifying in the afternoon. The current #1 Mauritz Armfelt keeps his stance solid until the end. After the dust had settled he was sitting in the 4th qualifying position.

​Santiago Espeche from Argentina was skating very consistently and put down the fastest time (1.29.043) to be the #1 qualifer. He is followed closely by his South American brothers Thiago and Dalua for the 2nd and 3rd qualifying spots.

​Local shredder Jaime flexed some muscle and showed all the folks here what a hometown advantage is all about. His time of 1.30.590 got him the 6th qualifying spot.

​There are six women who will be competing in women's division and Jenni Schuaerte is seated in the #1 qualifying spot. Here she is followed closely by local racer Abigail (the Boss).

​Abdil Madzhan made his presence known with a qualifying time of 1.29.179 (currently seating him in the #1 spot for street luge qualifier).

Check back soon for updates on racing.

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