Keeping it High: A Wet Final and Dalua Conquers

Dalua takes the win at the 2017 WQS Keeping It High race!

Here are the results for the event:

1. Douglas Silva
2. Mauritz Armfelt
3. Mitch Thompson
4. Tiago Mohr
5. Robert Burns
6. Taylor Cook
7. Benjamin Hay
8. Santiago Espeche

1. Elissa Mah
2. Jenni Schauerte
3. Abigail Viloria
4. Julia Barklow
5. Zuzana Beranova
6. Sylvia Mena

1. Benjamin Hay
2. Caloy Sambrano
3. Peter Fritz Siason
4. Monddy Duane Cuachan

1. Taylor Cook
2. Robert Burns
3. Andrei Ybanez
4. Kyle Daniel Bolado

1. Abdil Mahdzan
2. Zen Rasta

Race started off like many days here in the Philippines; hot and sunny. The riders were getting some fast dry runs in and everybody was hyped.

Practice runs and repechage was under way and for the first half the day but unfortunately the sun didn't stick around too long. The rain started coming down pretty hard soaking the entire course. It almost looked like things would dry up but it began raining again and racing had to commence on a wet course.

A little bit of rain didn't kill the stoke though.

The race ended around 5:30pm and everybody quickly dispersed back to the campsite to dry off their gear, get some grub, and get ready for the podium.

Big thanks to the volunteers and parents that made sure all the racers were fed throughout the event. They barbecued a big pig the last day. It was just what we troops needed.

Congratulations to the champions:

Open Podium
Womens Podium
Juniors Podium
Masters Podium
Luge Podium

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