The IDF will explore new classes for 2018

IDF wants to move the downhill sport forward in general. This means we have to look into new possibilities and explore new path in terms of new classes/categories.
After many years of research and studies, thanks to the contribution of great part of the community, we come finally at a point finding the category that will fit the needs of the community for 2018.

We are very proud to announce that next year the IDF will explore into Downhill Scooter Racing, and this spectacular introduction will take place only on a few selected races in the world. It will be an experimental season for the scooters and we hope to gain an high interest for it. We can't tell you yet which races will be involved but it might include a new one.


We will be using a special membership price for those riders who will only participate on scooter.
The reason why we're going to add Downhill Scooter is because we want to push this new discipline that it's spreading all over the world but mostly, as we want to be a fair federation helping in grow the sportive scene, we thought “hey”, they have 2 wheels instead of 4 so, it would be nice to let pay the half of the price for the annual membership.

The usual tuck position used on a downhill scooter during a race.

We felt the need of moving forward the sport trying to reach a new level of competition in the gravity races world and we truly believe that Downhill Scooter will push the limit even more than now.
The constant decrease of wheelbase in the skateboards as well the trucks width every day more closer to a slalom truck and the increase through the year of wheels size at the competitions had faced us the fact that the needs of a new category from the community is real we will keep doing our best to make this new category happen.

We’ll release more info on November 31, 2017 during the opening ceremony that we will host for the new category and we hope to see you all there.


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