Get a chiva and win the heat

La Leonera DH 2017 open his track this morning and we had the chance to do the last registrations at the top of the race track. The arrival of the riders with the “chiva” and the music all around gave a warm start despite the cloudy sky; we planned to have 2 warmup but once ready for the qualifications heats the rain starts to fall and everybody had a third practice on the wet.

ph: Carlos Junco

With 2 rounds in the wet and the other 3 with a dry track, today 80 heats went down in La Leonera, with lunch break and a final freeride for everybody after the runs.

ph: Carlos Junco
ph: Carlos Junco

The crew behind the event WEPA Longboard count 35 persons and provided a pleasant day to all the riders: the qualification heats went forward till the last with no injuries and around there's a great excitement amongst the riders.

Douglas Silva got five 1st place getting into the top qualifiers for the Open class with Thiago Lessa and Renzo Tonello from Argentina, while for the women Sirley Tabares Builes from Colombia got the best on the race to qualify over Angie Duque and Luana Campos.
Bruno Vieira from Brazil didn’t disappoint the expectations and go to the final race with a first place with Daniel Mejia from Colombia in second and Neithan Lucas Rodriguez from Equador.

ph: Carlos Junco

Here follow the schedule for the race day of tomorrow:
09:00 : Practice runs
10:30 : Open Skateboard Round 1 (64 bracket)
12:00 : Lunch
13:30 : Warm up
14:00 : Open skateboard Round 2 (32 bracket)
14:45 : Open Quarter Final
15:30 : Luge Semi Final, Junior Semifinal, Masters Semi final, Women Semi Final, Open Semi Final
16:00 : Junior cons. Final - Master cons. final - Women Cons. Final - Open Skateboard Cons. Final
16:10 : Junior Final - Women Final - Masters Final- Luge Final
16:30 : Open Skateboard Final
17:00 : Ceremony

The race brackets for all the category can be found here:

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