2018 Racing Season: event submission deadlines


Here we are at the end of this great 2017 season around the world: new connections born during this months and many new interesting people popped out in the scene of downhill skateboarding and luge: from my point of view it’s good sign of growth and here at the IDF headquarters we’re already looking forward to plan the season 2018.

As all of us (IDF and organizers), want to deliver every year a better and on time schedule to the riders, we will accept for the 2018 Season the event submission till September 15, 2017 8pm CEST. Any other submission after this deadline will be for the 2019 IDF Season.

The submissions will be discussed by IDF with the organizers until September 30, 2017 and the schedule proposal will be released only to the organizers on October 7, 2017.
The final 2018 Race Schedule will be released to the community on October 10, 2017.

Another news for 2018 is about the sanctioning fee: we’ll ask the organizer to pay the 50% of the total sanctioning fee amount before December 31, 2017 8pm CET. This decision to pay in advance part of the fees is a way to give weight to the contract giving both part (IDF and organizers) more responsibility. This will lead in the chance for an early planning of every technical aspect, the presence of the IDF Officials and a more structured promotion of the tour as well.

Briefly the deadlines are listed as follows:

September 15 - Deadline for 2018 event submission
September 30 - Deadline for 2018 event discussion
October 7 - IDF 2018 Race Schedule proposal to the organizers
October 10 October 13 - IDF 2018 Race Schedule release
December 31 - 50% Sanctioning fees payment deadline

Link to the Event Submission page: http://internationaldownhillfederation.org/submit-event/

We're at disposal for any questions or request, below you can find our contact per continent:


Max Vickers maxv@internationaldownhillfederation.org
Billy Meiners billymeiners@internationaldownhillfederation.org
Mike Girarld mikegirard@internationaldownhillfederation.org


Matheus Felicio matheus1100@gmail.com
Federico Barboni federico@internationaldownhillfederation.org


Federico Barboni federico@internationaldownhillfederation.org
Berry Plasman berry@internationaldownhillfederation.org


Maga McWinnie maga@internationaldownhillfederation.org
Carl Sambrano carls@internationaldownhillfederation.org
Dave Robertson robbo@internationaldownhillfederation.org

Federico Barboni

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