2017 was a long, exciting IDF racing season. Once concluded, the board continued moving forward in collaboration with all of the event organizers, publishing a robust 2018 schedule earlier than ever before and with 50% more events than 2017.

We did not stop there; we wanted to analyze the riders’ and organizers’ needs in more depth to ascertain what could be improved. Most of the time, riders don’t realize the sheer amount of time, effort and expense organizers endure while producing their events, and they can’t fully grasp the each event’s attendance and budget concerns. When attendance is low and riders register late, it makes the organizer’s job exponentially more challenging.

From the other side, riders wants to skate and luge as much as possible for the best price, optimizing their budget and participating in as many events as they can afford. This requires a strong value proposition from each event in order to be worth registering and traveling to. Far-ahead schedule planning and discounts help with this.

We have pushed to optimize the registration process for the next season, encouraging each individual organizer to open registration as early as possible, and to offer discount Early Bird ticket discounts for each race to reward early registrants. We received great feedback and participation from all the organizers around the world in the past several weeks. Now we’re now ready to give the last gift of the year, just in time for Christmas!

The IDF is proud to announce that most of the 2018 races* will open registration on 25th December, 2017 (10:00pm CET), here on our website.

Log in to internationaldownhillfederation.org, be ready, score your Early Bird discounts and secure your spots on the start line for next year!

* The race registrations that do not open on 25/12/17 will open in the near future.

Federico Barboni

This post was written by Federico Barboni

Skateboarder since young, I become a streetluger in 2000 and downhill skateboarder in 2007. Verdicchio Race organizer and rep for downhill skateboarding in the Italian Roller Sport Federation FISR. Love to spread smiles.
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