Teolo, Italy, 25°C/ 77°F.  Approx 80 downhill athletes from across globe have gathered in the mountains above Venice for the 13th year of the Teolo Downhill World Qualifying Series (WQS) Event. Check out the Rider List.


Clayton Arthurs

WQS points will be important for the World and European Continental Series rankings. In the Euro Series Open Class Italian Garino Giorgio is looking to gain on the absent leaders Sweds Adam Persson and Maurtiz Armfelt while 2015 European Open Continental Champion Quirin IImer from Austria will need solid finishes in Teolo and at Insul Germany if he is going to Overtake the Sweds and defend his continental title.


Quirin Ilmer

In the Women's class, both Jasmijn Hanegraef from Belgium and Jennifer Schauerte from Germany are looking to add to their European totals by overtaking absent leader Lyde Begue of France.


Jasmijn Hanegraef

In the Junior class, Swiss skater Tristan Cardillo is here looking to overtake the European leader Vojta Zacek from Czech.


Tristan Cardillo

Masters class leader Pete Connolly from the UK is looking to increase his lead over Czech Jakub Raad.


Pete Connolly shot by Daniel Morandin

In Luge, Italian Riccardo Aldinucci is looking to overtake George Cheeseman from the UK in the European Continental rankings.


Andrej Ilič

Last years Teolo Champions

Adam Persson (SE), Open
Lilian Gutsch (DE), Women
Giorgio Garino (IT), Junior
Mikel Echegaray Diez (ES), Luge

is a municipality in the Province of Padua in the Italian region of Veneto, located about 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of Venice and is 175 meters (600ft) above sea level. Fully supported by the local government the event is professionally organized with commentary and cameras on each corner so fans onsite can hear and watch all the action.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.03.23 PM

Find Hills link http://fdhl.co/2ay0HgG

The track starts off a with a fast tuck and draft section eventually leading to hard braking right hand corner that catapults riders into six hairpins with a right and left hander before the finish line.


Tomorrow riders will get 2 timed qualification runs placing them in their race brackets on Sunday. Check out the full weekend schedule here.

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