Teolo Italy - Dry and sunny high of 28°C, Winds East at 10 km/h, 68% Humidity.

After 10 runs yesterday downhill riders woke to a beautiful sunny day for the 13th annual event hosted by EuroSkate Italy. The track is in the Euganean Hills on a group of old volcanic landforms that rise from the Padovan-Venetian plain 50 km west of Venice.

After a large overnight rain storm, the track need a few hours to dry out in the morning. After a morning of Freeride runs, qualifications started after lunch where riders got 2 individual timed runs each. Timing was operated by the Italians using a local photocell system operator.

Open Quali Results
1. Thompson, Mitchell (AU) 01:58.571
2. Garino, Giorgio (IT) 01:59.271
3. Turetta, Thomas (IT) 02:00.023
4. DesJarlais, Brandon (US) 02:00.272

Mitch Thompson at Teolo 2016
Mitch Thompson qualifies fastest at Teolo

Women Quali Results
1. Schauerte, Jennifer (DE) 02:06.997
2. Bruskoff, Rachel (US) 02:10.348
3. Bottazzin, Giulia (IT) 02:12.643
4. Cardenas, Alejandra (ES) 02:13.215

Jennifer Schauerte qualifies fastest in Women's
Jennifer Schauerte qualifies fastest in Women's

Junior Quali Results
1. Cardillo, Tristan (CH) 02:01.726
2. Spuhler, Arthur (CH) 02:02.777
3. Conti, Mariano (IT) 02:04.600
4. Zeni Marco, (IT) 02:26.466

Tristan Cardillo, fastest in Juniors
Tristan Cardillo, fastest in Juniors

Luge Quali Results
1. Ilič Andrej (CZ) 02:01.901
2. Aldinucci, Daniele (IT) 02:02.653
3. Aldinucci, Riccardo (IT) 02:03.544
4. De Pollo, Maurizio (IT) 02:03.593

Andrej Ilič fastest luger
Andrej Ilič fastest Luger

Master Quali Results
1. Connolly, Pete (GB) 02:03.636
2. Acero Brausin, Edgar Javier (COL) 02:09.896
3. Canchon Castro, Julio Cesar (COL) 02:16.066

Pete Connelly fastest in Masters
Pete Connelly fastest in Masters

Full Quali Results here.

Race day is tomorrow  and $1500 USD (€1320) podium has been announced as prize money, with $1110 USD for the Open Podium, $225 USD for Women, $135 USD for Luge and prizing for Juniors.

Follow Sunday's Race Brackets Live starting at 2pm CEST (8am EST)

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