The International Downhill Federation (IDF) brings together the finest race tracks, passionate event organizers and talented athletes to practice, compete and put on a show at world class events around the globe.

Our members will gather for World Tour race events on newly discovered technical roads to hone their techniques and control at high speeds. With so many variables and riding styles, the 2016 Open, Women, Junior, Master35 and Luge podiums are anyone’s taking.

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The 2016 World Cup Tour of Downhill Skateboard and Luge Racing is now underway and the IDF is proud to introduce the new calendar. It's time to book time off and plan your next mountain adventure.

2016 World Tour Schedule

IDF 2016 mapFeb 12-14 Mt Keira Downhill Challenge, Australia WC
Feb 18-20 Mt Ruapehu Gravity Festival, New Zealand WQS
Apr 15-17 Veggie Hill, Philippines WQS
Apr 23-25 Yuping Cup, China WQS
April 29-May 1 Karera sa Lumban, Philippines WQS
April 29-May 1 Laguna DH, Mexico WQS
Jun 11-12 Mahackamack 4000, USA WQS
Jun 16-18 Downhill Throwdown at Killington, USA WC
Jun 21-25 Showdown at the Loops, USA WQS
Jul 1-3 Whistler Longboard Festival, Canada WC
Jul 8-10 TMI Lilyhammer, Norway WC
Jul 14-16 Almabtrieb, Austria WQS
Jun 19-23 Kozakov Challenge, Czech Republic WC
Aug 4-7 Teolo, Italy WQS
Aug 12-13 Insul, Germany WQS
Aug 19-21 Salzadella Race, Spain WQS
Sept 17-18 Downhill La Lucha, Costa Rica,WQS
Sept 23-24 Callahuanca, Peru WQS
Oct 7-9 Mega Grand Prix, Brazil WC
Oct 14-16 7 Curves, Brazil WC

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