Mega Grand Prix 2016 Day 1 report

Mega Grand Prix IDF World cup 2016 began today in Santa Luzia, which is one of the two World Cups that are held in South America, Brazil.... and which will crown the 2016 champions.

Despite the rainy days that preceded the weekend, today's clear skies and mild climate have given a sunny day in a complete Brazilian style.

Mega GP - photo by Lucas Luciano Lima junior @lucianoxlima
Mega GP - photo by Lucas Luciano Lima junior @lucianoxlima

Opening of the practice runs for all the participants occurred at 9:30 am. 56 riders from 7 nations were ready at the start line and have skated the track throughout the day, getting confidence with the wide and long hairpins that bends one each other, that characterize the track purely designed for car racing.

The race track starts from a road along the hill of Mega Space Circuit: do you ever think that this section of the trail was built specifically for this annual event?  Don't think so, but it literally launches riders in the steepest part of the circuit at speeds above 80km/h and it is right here that you have to face the fastest corners of the track.


At the end of the day was counted more than 15 runs including a lunch break: an alternative route has allowed the transit outside of the track giving a continuous bus lift allowing a constant presence of riders on the track.

Surely the fight will be high down the track, and the best lines will truly makes the difference in this track that doesn't allow mistakes.

We also might see a few riders wearing aero suits above their leathers......we are looking forward to seeing tomorrows timed qualifications results to make ourself an idea of the efficiency of those stay tuned !

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