Insul 2016 – Day 3

The final day at Insul started at 10 with warm-ups for the juniors, women, masters, and luge. The weather was constant and finally warm.

After two warm-ups, things got serious with masters and yet another solid win of UK skater Pete Connolly followed by Jakub Rod, Lee Cation and Martijn Schrama. No doubt, Pete is a very strong and highly appreciated competitor in Masters and Open class.

Juniors battled it out hard and Nikolay Keller from Germany made it to first with Victor Van Audenrode in second, Finn Weber in third and Aron Rovers in fourth place.

The women's podium saw Marieke Ulrich in first, Lisa Peters in second, Myriam Weissschuh in third and Jasmijn Hanegraef in fourth position.

The luge discipline clearly had an all-stars character with former IGSA world champion Matthias Lang (aka Mr. Läng) coming out first and winning the Insul Cup, leaving Martin Witzigmann, Michael Claessens and Edgar de Wit on the remaining positions.

Next, the German championship was run and Marieke Ulrich could repeat her win here too. Two very solid wins in a day, congrats! Juniors had only one starter being Nikoley Keller, owing to injury/disease of the remaining contestants.

Classic luge and street luge were run as separate disciplines in the German Championship. Chris Schütz from Berlin Germany won the classic luge, leaving Gerrit Geiger, Gunnar Kalb and Guido Lausch behind him.

Street luge was again the domain of Matthias Lang, with a second win of the day. Martin Witzigmann, Gunnar Kalb and Guido Lausch picked the following positions on the podium.

The open class German Championship was battled out with the top 16 Germans out Friday's race to quali results. Here, Sebastian Hertler dominated the race with insane inside/inside lines on the last corner and won it in sovereign manner. Alex Dehmel took second position after a tight battle on the second-last corner with Lukas Geitel, who slid out and got fourth behind Jakob Raab.

In the afternoon, the Open class started with a warm-up before the 64 riders bracket was launched. Here, the top qualifiers Max Ballesteros, Sebastian Hertler, Quirin Ilmer, Harry Clarke, Mitch Thompson and Sam Randall went smoothly through their runs, often with solid leads.

The showdown came to Sebastian Hertler, Max Ballesteros, Mitch Thompson and Harry Clarke in the Open class final. Pete Connolly, Sam Randall, Quirin Ilmer and Giorgio Garino skated the consi-final, which was won by Quirin followed by Giorgio, Pete and Sam.

Open class final: Max Ballesteros entered the first corner tight behind Sebastian Hertler, but unfortunately got crashed out by Mitch Thompson. Sebastian Hertler won the Open class in an impressive manner and left young gun Harry Clarke behind him in second place. Max Ballesteros made it to third place and Mitch Thompson took fourth.

In summary, two wins by two Germans in Women and Open class rounded up a great 10th anniversary Insul Cup 2016.