Insul 2016 – Day 1/2

The first day of the 10th anniversary race on the legendary Insul track in Germany started with ... rain, apparently a rule this season.

This cause practice to be postponed to 11:30 until the track was almost completely dry. Riders then had the possibility to get used to the track in 12 runs down the flowy, technical road with tricky left corners. Smiles on numerous faces and cheering people in the corners are standard in this very family-type of event. At night there was a riders meeting to inform every rider with respect to the forthcoming schedule.

Dominic Rico Gomez @ Insul 2016
Dominic Rico Gomez hanging in the corner @ Insul 2016

Day 2

The sun is back and race to qualify was started at 10:00. All runs were performed in four men heats with seeding of riders according to IDF ranking of 2015. Six runs of race to qualify were done throughout the day with top riders consolidating their positions. Max Ballesteros, Sebastian Hertler, Quirin Ilmer, Jakub Rod, Harry Clarke, Giorgio Garino, Mitch Thompson and Sam Randall managed to win all their heat and lead the field.

Sebastian Hertler @ Insul 2016
Sebastian Hertler going into the last corner @ Insul 2016

Forteen years old Lucas Beste, son of G.O.G. mastermind Frank Beste, showed the top riders his incredible skills and managed to place 11th position with 5 wins in the open class race to quali. He almost had the 6th as well but he crashed hard just before the finish line, fracturing his elbow and had to go to the hospital. Get well soon Lucas, you killed it this weekend !

Everything is set for tomorrow's race.

Lucas Beste @ Insul 2016
Lucas Beste charging the last corner @ Insul 2016

All photos by Mr. Bookwood