The results are in and the Canadians have conquered the IDF North American series of races! Last week’s world cup Whistler marked the end to the five-race series around the continent and crowned the champions.

Opens North American Championship

With the top riders attending the same number of races and sticking close in points it was up to who could pull through with the best finishes. After his 2nd place at the Whistler Longboard Fest, Troy Grenier, came out on top this year taking the crown in North America. Last year’s runner-up world champion Dillon Stephens was close in points throughout the races and stuck 2nd. To complete the Canadian sweep, last year’s junior world champion Alex Charleson trailed behind with a 3rd place finish in the series. The 2015 women’s world champion Emily Pross continued her charge in the open division this year placing 4th in the series and being the top rider from the United States.

Troy at Killington
Troy Grenier at Killington DH Throwdown. Photo: Harfang Wheels
Dillon Stephens at Laguna DH. Photo: Louis Pilloni
Alex at Whistler
Alex Charleson at Whistler Longboard Festival. Photo: Original Skateboards

Full North American series Open results here.

Womens North American Championship

Although the Canadians had swept the Open series, the US swept the podium in the Womens division. Emily “The Prossecutor” Pross took 1st in a clean sweep with four consecutive 1st place finishes at the races she attended. Following close in points was Colorado local Candy Dungan with Julia Barklow from Salt Lake, Utah rounding it out in 3rd.

Emily at Showdown at the Loops
Emily Pross at Showdown at the Loops. Photo: Optimist Photography
Candy Dungan at Mahackamack
Candy Dungan at Mahackamack 400. Photo: Harfang Wheels
Julia Barklow at Killington
Julia Barklow at Killington DH Throwdown. Photo: Restless Longboards

Full North American series Womens results here.

Juniors North American Championship

There were a good number of young guns traveling the circuit and battling it out at races across North America this year. After competing in four races across the east and west coast Nikolas Matousek from California took the top spot. Closely following was Ontario ripper Jesse Martin and in 3rd we had a tie between Knox Heslop and Ed Kiefer as they battled it out, swapping podium finishes throughout the year. All of these guys are starting to become real competitors in not only the Junior division but the Open division as well.

Niky at Mahackamack
Nikolas Matousek at Mahackamack 400. Photo: Niky's Mom
Jesse at Killington
Jesse Martin at Killington DH Throwdown. Photo: Niky's Mom
Ed and Knox at Whistler
Ed Kiefer and Knox Heslop at Whistler Longboard Festival. Photo: Louis Pilloni

Full North American series Junior results here.

Masters North American Championship

Long-time ripper and East Coast legend Pascal "Rookie" Jean took the crown in the Masters division for the North American series! Following in points was Scott Lembach from California in 2nd and Nikolas Desmarais from Quebec in 3rd. Despite their age these guys are still tearing it up in both the Masters and Open divisions.

Pascal Jean at Killington
Pascal Jean at Killington DH Throwdown. Photo: Restless Longboards
Nikolas Desmarais at Killington
Nikolas Desmarais at Killington DH Throwdown. Photo: Harfang Wheels
Scott at Killington
Scott Lembach at Killington DH Throwdown. Photo: Niky Matousek

Full North American series Masters results here.

Luge North American Championship
In the Luge division, Ontario man Kolby Parks took the top spot with luge veteran Chris McBride following as the runner-up after competing against each other throughout the series. Tim Koch from Quebec rounded it out in 3rd.

Kolby at Mahackamack
Kolby Parks at Mahackamack 400. Photo: Commodore Corvus
Downhill veteran Chris McBride
Chris McBride at Laguna DH. Photo: Louis Pilloni
Tim Koch at Mahackamack
Tim Koch at Mahackamack 400. Photo: Ross Earhart Photography

Full North American series Luge results here.

Congratulations to all of our North American champions!
The tour now moves across the pond for the European leg of the IDF circuit. We’ll see many of the top North American riders traveling overseas to compete against the European rippers and rack up points in the world series. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated as the racing continues.

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