7 Curves Qualifying

Riders have to rely on all of their skill, technique and specially their style to make a good run down this new era track, dry during the whole the day making almost every rider faster by the run, 4 of them defined the brackets in which Paxiao again led the pack. Followed by a different breed of lighter young riders; including US representatives Edward Kiefer, Daina Banks and Aaron Hampshire who locked in the top ten spots amongst the lush Brazilian youth.

Thiago Gomes Lessa
Thiago Gomes Lessa - Photo: Luciano Lima Jr.

Melissa Brogni’s expirience on this track marked her advantage, again 4 seconds ahead of Jennifer Schauerte.

Junior category bossed the field, Mega Space Junior double champion Jeremias Gasparotto set the best time in Junior and qualified third in Open category.

Master Silon Garcia ruled with a two second gap from his closet rival Rafael de Campos Dobner.

Luge was commanded by long time brazilian legend Leo Borton, in one of the few tracks in the world where a luge is slower than a longbooard, followed by Peruvian Aimar Brandon 2 seconds behind.

Racing in this track has a different effect on every rider's style, mistakes cost heavily and are frequent; so anything can happen tomorrow.

Pack Run
Pack Run - Photo: Luciano Lima Jr.

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