2 Czech upsets at Padova Grand Prix

The IDF Tour stopped at the Padova Grand Prix in Teolo, Itay - It was a dry and sunny race day at the 13th Annual Teolo Downhill WQS with 2 Czech podiums in Open and Luge and crashes in both the Open and Women's Finals.

Stefano Barbizzi (IT) leading a pack 

Racers fought for grip all day on this tight and techy Mediterranean gem as the world scene got to lay witness to the new Euro young guns like Italian Giorgio Garino and Open Winner Vašek Čvančara from Czech.

Virtually unknown Čvančara (CZ) waiting to make his move on Euro Champ Ilmer (AT)

Young Vašek Čvančara from Czech takes the Open win over the European Champion Quirin Ilmer twice with photo finishes in both the Open semi and final. Ilmer led for the 1st half of the 1.6km (1mile) track when Čvančara made a pass in a middle hairpin and barely held off Ilmer in the last curves before the finish line.

Padova Grand Prix Open Final -  Cvancara narrowly beats out Euro Champ Ilmer


maurizio busato
Open Podium

Open Results
1. Čvančara Vašek (CZ)
2. Ilmer Quirin (AT)
3. Garino Giorgio (IT)
4. Aldinucci Marcus (IT)
5. Salerni Filippo (IT)
6. Clarke Harry (AU)
7. DesJarlais Brandon (US)
8. Cardillo Tristan (CH)
9. Thompson Mitchell (AU)
10. Turetta Thomas (IT)

In the Women's, Jennifer Schauerte (DE) lead convincingly especially after her top quali time yesterday. Unfortunately, she managed to scrub out in a corner all by herself with a large lead and struggled to catch up finishing in 4th. Austrian Anna Pixner was there to capitalize but couldn't hold off American Rachel Bruskoff who took the win.

Women's Podium, photo by Sylvain Behr
Dana Schitter in the Women's Semi Final.

Women Results
1. Bruskoff Rachel (US)
2. Pixner Anna (AT)
3. Weißschuh Myrjam (DE)
4. Schauerte Jennifer (DE)
5. Schitter Dana (AT)

In Juniors, Swiss riders Tristan Cardillo and Arthur Spuhler were dominant all weekend with Cardillo scoring the fastest Junior Quali time and pushing out front and keeping the lead from start to finish in the race.

Swiss rider Tristan Cardillo wins Juniors and also finished strong with 8th in Open

Junior Results
1. Cardillo Tristan (CH)
2. Spuhler Arthur (CH)
3. Conti Mariano (IT)
4. Zeni Marco (IT)

Pete Connolly from the UK wins the Masters35 class easily leading from start to finish. Pete is gunning for the Master35 World title but will have to beat leader Auzzie Ben Hay. The stage is now set for the South American Tour where Connelly plans to battle Hay for the inaugural title.

Master Podium shot by Zoe Dashwood-Evans
Master Podium shot by Zoe Dashwood-Evans

Masters Results
1. Pete Connolly (UK)
2. Edgar Javier Acero Brausin (COL)
3. Julio Cesar Canchon Castro (COL)

In Luge, Gerrit Geiger took the early lead but washed out trying to hold off Czech rider Andrej Ilič who capitalized on Geiger's mistake.

Luge Final
Geiger with a temporary lead and Ilič in the yellow helmet ready to pounce

Luge Results
1. Ilič Andrej (CZ)
2. Geiger Gerrit (DE)
3. De Pollo Maurizio (IT)

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A Big thank you goes out to www.euroskate.it, Sandor Morandin and Luca Minelli for running one of, if not the best organized event on the IDF Tour. The 2017 Tour is sure to return to this professionally run event. The Tour moves on to the final event on the Euro Tour for the 10th Annual Insul WQS in Germany next week.