A big year in 2015 saw the emergence of new World Champions in a number of Divisions in the race for titles and an inaugural World Tour Cash purse of $ 8,000 USD. In a changing of the guard all the categories had maiden World Champions.

Carlos Paixao by CGSA
Carlos Paixao by CGSA
In a season of racing that went down to the wire Brazilian Carlos Paixão edged out Canadian Dillon Stephens in the last World Cup of the year to take the title, the crown, and the $ 2,500 winners purse as the 2015 Downhill Skateboard World Champion.

We all know that Brazilians love to go fast but in doing so Carlos signalled to the world not to underestimate the Brazilians on any track anywhere. This was made abundantly clear by fellow Brazilian Thiago Lessa taking 3rd spot in the title race. Canadian multiple World Champion Kevin Reimer ended the season in 4th spot while American Zak Maytum rounded out the top Five.

The International Downhill Federation on behalf of the downhill community worldwide would like to congratulate Carlos for an epic season with a winner's cheque for $2500 USD and a deserved crown of being named the 2015 DOWNHILL SKATEBOARD WORLD CHAMPION

A notable mention to Canadian Dillon Stephens (Canada) who fought hard for the title and was pipped in the final of the last event and finished the season in second place but receives a cheque for $1500 and the runner up medal in 2015. Brazilian Thiago Lessa will also take home $1000 USD for his strong third place in the title race

Emily Pross by Ross Earhart
Emily Pross by Ross Earhart

2015 saw the arrival of USA rider Emily Pross who simply dominated the Women's division to take the title of 2015 WOMENS DOWNHILL WOLD CHAMPION and the $1,000 USD winners cheque. While taking wins all across the world Emily also shook up the Opens category with some high class results that showed she was a contender in any heat against anybody.

This year the United States cleaned up the top 3 final positions with Rachel Bruskoff and Loryn Roberson taking 2nd and 3rd respectively

Alex Charleson by Austin Burr
Alex Charleson by Austin Burr
A near perfect season from Alex Charleson saw the Canadian junior take the 2015 JUNIOR DOWNHILL WORLD CHAMPION title with 5 wins and a 2nd from 6 races. In doing so Alex showed he will be a serious title challenger in his first year in the Opens in 2016. For his commanding efforts Alex takes home $1,000 USD as the Junior World Champion.

In a Canadian one two Leo Sartor gets a big congratulations for battling into second spot with some very stiff competition from American Ed Kiefer who took 3rd in the title challenge.

In the Luge divisions Spaniard Mikel Echegaray Diez simply dominated both categories and in doing so took home $1,000 USD and the crown of both 2015 STREET LUGE and CLASSIC LUGE WORLD CHAMPION.

Mikel Echegary-Diez by Pete Connolly
Mikel Echegary-Diez by Pete Connolly
In the Street Luge Malaysian Abdil Mahdzan battled with Mikel to finish a strong runner up with Canadian Kolby Parks taking third. The Classic Luge saw Kolby Parks lift himself into second spot from American Veteran Chris McBride in third.

The International Downhill Federation on behalf of all riders and events would like to wholeheartedly congratulate this years Tour Winners and the riders who competed in events throughout the season for making 2015 another memorable and exciting year of racing

After a big year of racing everybody's eyes now turn to the imminent announcement of the 2016 World Tour Schedule and another exciting year of Downhill Racing with a number of new events and a new generation of riders looking to shake up the title race on some of the most demanding and exciting downhill race tracks around the world.

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