Meet the new IDF Board

2015 IDF Board
2015 IDF Board of Directors

The results of the IDF's first vote for the Board are in:

Lee Cation 175
Zak Maytum 174
Kevin Reimer 141
Cyrille Harnay (Komakino) 141
Colin Beck (Bugs) 117
Patrick Switzer 111
Maga McWhinnie 104
Dave Robertson 74
Tad Drysdale 69
Bradley Cameron 57
Marco Vidales 54
Frank Williams 52
Diego Alemparte 51

Congratulations to Patrick Switzer and Maga McWhinnie who will join the Board for the first time, replacing outgoing members Greg Martin and Haggy Strom.

Commiserations to those that didn't get enough votes, but remember that being on the Board isn't a requirement for involvement in the running of the IDF. There are a number of non-board members who make enormous contributions. We want your involvement.

A big thank you to the 255 people who voted, which is 15% of our 1,745 members. That's a big turnout for an organization of this type.