Meet the candidates

All positions on the IDF Board are up for vote at the 2015 Annual General Meeting on February 7, 21:00 UTC. This is the first vote of this kind in the short history of the IDF. We urge all our members to find out about the candidates and to make a reasoned vote for who you think will be the best seven people to lead the IDF into the future. Please remember that the IDF Board are all volunteers and the IDF has no paid staff.

The current board consists of:
Cyrille Harnay (President)
Greg Martin (Treasurer)
Colin Beck (Secretary)
Lee Cation (Events Rep)
Zak Maytum (Rider Rep)
Kevin Reimer (Rider Rep)
Haggy Strom

Greg Martin and Haggy Strom have decided to step down from the Board and are not standing for election.

Candidates for the new Board

Click the name to read more about each candidate. In the election you will be required to select seven of these candidates.

Diego Alemparte
Colin Beck
Bradley Cameron
Lee Cation
Tad Drysdale
Cyrille Harnay
Zak Maytum
Magaly McWhinnie
Kevin Reimer
Dave Robertson
Patrick Switzer
Marco Vidales
Frank Williams

Diego Alemparte

Hey there, im here to talk about what i do and how i think about races and some sports politics. At first, i will introduce my self as rider.

Starting to practice Downhill Skate since 2003 with my first international race in 2005 at Teutonia, after that as been 100 years wining almost every race in Chile, with finals at the Pro Circuit in Brasil, wining a lot of races in Argentina an a lot of cuarter finals at the southamerican World Cups. im the racer that went to a champ to go to skate all day and not to stay waiting nothing, i like that the organizers care like sportsmans like we are and for sure the last and no less important, we need the hardest roads for the world cups.

As a racer i have a lot of critics about all the system that blows too mani withe points about responsibility on event organizers about the making it good enough tone on true parameters for a international event. I think that we are still doing nothing about strong requirements for world cup events and zero marketing we don’t have a trade mark idea as international federation, so if we don’t have that we can’t “sell” our sport to the international media (not rider media) like other big sports like tennis, F1 or Nascar.

About the things i will like to propose on the board:

  • making a marketing department for introduce our circuit to the world
  • livestreaming for all the WC events
  • lay down a compensation system for the riders in case of a fail event, I propose a guarantee that if holds until the event ends in a good form
  • lay down some race marshals school in order to have certified flags on the track for our security

I hope to be on the board as a South-American and as a racer that has a lot of races down here.

Muy buenas, me presento ante ustedes con el motivo de explicarles un poco que es lo que hago y como pienso acerca de las carreras y algunas políticas deportivas que acontecen hasta hoy.

Primero me gustaría contarles un poco de mi historia como corredor. Comencé en el downhill skate el 2003 con mi primera competencia internacional en el 2005, en el 2º Teutonia, después de eso han sido 10 años ganando casi todos los campeonatos en Chile, con finales en el circuito Pro de Brasil, ganado muchos campeonatos en Argentina y muchos 4tos de finales en competencias mundiales sudamericanas. Soy de los corredores que van a patinar todo el día y no a estar sentado esperando, me gusta que nos traten como deportistas, que las carreras sean intensas y difíciles.

Como corredor tengo algunas criticas a todo el sistema que deja muchos puntos en blancos dentro de las responsabilidades de los organizadores en cuanto a la realización de un evento digno de deportistas del nivel que se esta viendo ya desde hace algunos años, creo que nos hemos quedado dormidos en varios aspectos, desde las exigencias y requerimientos para los eventos como también la muy mala difusión mediática y prácticamente cero marketing para generar una idea de marca (federación internacional), de tal forma que podamos contar con los recursos a través de patrocinios asi como funcionan en los grandes circuitos mundiales de otros deportes mas “famosos” pero no menos espectaculares como el nuestro.

Dentro de las cosas que me gustaría proponer son las siguientes:

  • mejora integral del marketing y difusión tanto de eventos como la producción de material para realizar la difusión en medios y prensa de los eventos
  • Exigencia de live streaming para todos los eventos de la WC
  • Instaurar un sistema de indemnización para los riders en caso de un evento fallido, se propone una garantía ante el ente fiscalizador, en este caso IDF
  • Instaurar una normativa de seguridad en cuanto a protecciones de pista y sistema de asistencia medica
  • Establecer una escuela de fiscales de pista, cosa que sean personas realmente capacitadas y con experiencia las que estén velando en las carreras por nuestra seguridad

Espero poder representarlos tanto como un sudamericano que tiene mucha experiencia en lo que sucede en este lado y como un rider experimentado con muchos años compitiendo en el circuito.

Colin Beck

  • AKA Bugs. Lives in Sydney, Australia
  • Current IDF Board member and Secretary of the IDF
  • Founding member of ASRA (Australian Skateboard Racing Association)
  • Organising races since 2006, from grass-roots outlaws to World Cup events like Newtons Nation
  • Skater since 1972

Current IDF duties
As Secretary of the IDF I:

  • manage the world rankings
  • manage race registrations and rider lists
  • manage memberships
  • attend races as IDF rep to perform timing, organize brackets and record results
  • spend many hours each week performing these and other ad hoc administrative tasks (such as organising the AGM and associated voting systems)

How I got started in the IDF
When the IDF formed in late 2012 I was keen to see them succeed and could see that they had some gaps; there was no website, no membership system, and no rankings system. I chose to get involved and was instrumental in the creation of those systems, and from there I was invited to join the board as Secretary when Norm Kinnish retired his position.

Future plans
Better website - I'm currently involved in designing and implementing the new website (to be unveiled sometime in 2015) that promises a lot of great features. Members will be able to register for races more simply, create a detailed online profile including sponsors and their up-to-date world ranking, and manage their membership details and personal information online.

Greater democratic involvement by members - the new website will make it easier to create votes/polls on any question for the entire membership, which we can use for gaining feedback on issues, and even for resolving hard-to-decide issues. I'd also like to create better systems for members to become involved in a hands-on way in the running of the IDF.

Contact me at

Bradley Cameron

  • Over the past 5+ years I've attended and competed in over 50 competitions
  • I'm located in Seattle, Washington
  • I have skateboard Industry experience in retail, manufacturing, marketing & product development
  • I assist in the organization of Maryhill Freerides, with a focus on rider safety and track time
  • I have organized over 15 local competitions in the Seattle, WA area

2015 Goals for the IDF
I've broken my goals for the IDF into four steps. If we work step by step, we can build the foundation and infrastructure to support skateboard racing and the IDF for years to come.

1. Greater member involvement
First, we need the involvement of all members of the IDF. There are only 7 board members, all volunteers who can only allocate a portion of their time and resources to this venture. It will simply take more than 7 individuals to organize, promote and improve an International Racing League. If you're interested in finding out what you can do, or have any thoughts on improving the IDF, please email me, or any of the candidates, or current board members. Your input is valuable and needed.

2. Focus on safety
Once IDF members are active and involved in the organization, we need to set strict safety standards for racecourses, riders equipment and the vehicles used to transport riders. These standards not only need to be set, but strictly enforced. Not only does a lack of safety put our members wellbeing in danger, it's likely to deter any potential sponsors or partners who are not already invested in the skateboard industry.

Currently, racecourses lack proper padding and safety equipment in critical areas. Riders wear damaged or poorly designed helmets and we pack participants into the back of rented box trucks. We need to work together to improve in these areas.

3. Increase track time
While many riders attend events with competitive intentions, a majority of participants lack the resources and skill to race on a World Cup Level. Most participants go to races to skate a closed road and have fun with their friends. Without these participants, we wouldn't have the funding to operate events.

In racing, riders are quickly eliminated, usually half each round. Once we have created a safe environment for riders to push their limits, we need to capitalize that and offer riders as much track time as possible to all participants

4. Promote diversity
Once we have a safe environment and event participants are satisfied with the quality and quantity of track time, We can focus on promoting the additional classes in our sport (Women's, Juniors, Masters and Street Luge), in addition to skateboard racing as whole.

Additional improvements needed

  • Update IDF website: easier navigation & simpler design
  • Troubleshoot timing system: fool proof system with clear plan on operation
  • Transparency on IDF operations and use of funds

I want you to email me! You can reach me at

Lee Cation

  • first and foremost, a DH skateboarder - 10+ years downhill skating with some of the world's best in Vancouver, BC
  • hosting events for 10 years - first legal race in 2007 and first World Cup race in 2012
  • an original founder of the IDF and the first serving Events Representative.
  • founder of the Whistler Longboard Festival, Britannia Classic, Kelowna Skylands and the Longboard Coalition non-for-profit
  • attended over 50 international events and produced 15 of them with a team
  • skilled in Event Planning, Scheduling, Timing, Scoring, Fairness, Safety, Ops, Problem Solving
  • bachelors degree in Business Administration

What I've been doing as your IDF Event Rep:

  • create and maintain calendar for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 World Cup Tours
  • review event applications
  • assist with timing and scoring at events
  • build and maintain relationships with event organizers in North & South America

My Goal for 2015 and Beyond:

1. Attract an Annual Tour Sponsor | I have been building relationships with potential non-skate partners and my dream would be to attract a tour sponsor to help us take things to the next level.

2. Find Fresh Tracks and Keep Evolving the Tour | I feel it's the role of the IDF to be constantly evaluating new events and continually looking to add new and challenging locations to the Tour.

3. Invest in a Second Timing System | A second timing system would allow us to ship, export & import less, with reduced wear on our current equipment.

4. Dedicated portion of budget to reward our Annual Champions | I'd like to see some $ make it's way back to the annual Champions

5. Be Inclusive - The IDF needs the help of skilled passionate individuals. I want to listen to our members and encourage others to help build the IDF all the while seeking and mentoring my replacement for 2017.

The DH community gives me the passion, determination and sense to make the right decisions for the IDF and I am eager to continue the work I've started as your Events Rep.

Contact him at

Tad Drysdale

No text provided.

Cyrille Harnay

  • 42 years – Live in France
  • Current IDF president

Who I am
I started downhill racing in 2004, on the IGSA circuit. I also started organising events under the umbrella of the French federation at that time (Hautacam Downhill from 2004 to 2006 and Peyragudes Never Dies in 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014). After 4 years racing on the tour, I decided to step down from racing and focus myself toward involvement in the administrative and event side of the International scene; this felt like a logical step for me to try to give back to the sport that has been a huge part of my life for so many years. In 2008 I became the IGSA European Director. In 2012, and with the sport at a tipping point and looking for a solid future direction I decided to create the IDF, a non-profit and democratic association with Norman Kinnish, Greg Martin, Haggy Storm, Colin Beck, Mischo Erban and Kevin Reimer. As a foundation partner in that early team, I was nominated IDF President for the first 2 years of our federation, until now.

Why should I be elected on the IDF Board ?
To run a Federation like the IDF requires people with heart, and a dedication to bringing together events, riders, and industry from the far reaches of the world to produce a product that the members of the IDF can be proud of. To do this requires enormous dedication, an emphasis on the relationship with our members and a deep focus on putting together the nuts and bolts of our sport. I am incredibly dedicated to the IDF and spend about 20 hours of my time each week, as a volunteer, developing, evolving, administering and communicating for the IDF. As much time as this takes out of my life, you do this because you love to do it, and because the drive is there to continually make something better, more responsive, and more successful for your members which are the community and the scene that is the IDF! The passion is still strong and I would like to continue what I have started so that the sport grows, the scene gets better organised and most importantly the people have fun thanks to our efforts. It’s been an immense effort but now that the roots of the structure have been settled, I would like to go to step 2 and push hard to obtain central sponsors, help organisers get more professional and produce more professional events, make a strong push to get International recognition by bodies such as IOC or Sport accord, and get Downhill racing to be broadcasted on TV more often. I know the sport, I still race in France and skate as much as I can, I speak a few languages (French, English, German and a bit of Italian) which is important in a federation with so many members all over the world, I have strong skills in sports administration, organising aspects and a true passion for the sport, with the aim to be fair and honest in any decision I take.

Zak Maytum

  • Lives in Boulder, Colorado (USA)
  • Current IDF Board Member, Rider Representative
  • Racing since 2008
  • Internationally recognized loud-mouth

Current IDF Duties

  • Listen to feedback from riders and present it to the board.
  • Give input on IDF decisions based on personal racing experience.
  • Know the IDF rule-book well and keep an eye on proceedings at events.
  • Give input I believe will benefit the greatest number of riders.
  • Be available at events to answer questions about rules and the IDF

How I got started with the IDF
I was asked to become a part of the board when Mischo Erban resigned last year. Needless to say I was super hyped to be a part of it as I care deeply about the fairness of racing and making our sport as good as it can be.

Goals for 2015

In 2015, we have plans to purchase a second timing system. Many of the past failures have been a result of damage that occurs in air transport. If we have one based on mainland Europe, and one in North America, issues like that should be cut down drastically. Also, the vast expense of shipping the current system overseas will be removed freeing up funds for other ventures.

As many other candidates have said, I would like to see a more straight forward way for members to give feedback and input to the board. Hopefully that will make it easier to make as many people happy as possible.

Why should you vote for me?

Hopefully, you're already on board. If not, consider these: I have been racing at world cup and independent events since 2008. As a result, I have seen a lot of things done well, and others not so well. I will continue to do my best to give objective feedback to the board from a rider perspective with an emphasis on fairness and continuing to increase the standard for safety at events. As many of you have seen in the past, I am also not afraid to stand up to a race organizer on behalf of the riders. We are the customers. We should be treated as such. Thanks, and I hope to see you all in 2015.

Magaly McWhinnie

What a big surprise to be nominated and I am honored and excited for the opportunity to be part of the Board! With the support this role offers, I hope to promote the growing female scene further as well as the sport itself internationally, as I have been locally from Australia and in Peru.

Who am I
I am a female downhill skater, born in Peru, though I currently live in Australia. I've been skating and racing in National and International events since 2011. I've also been organizing local events in Australia, Peru and Slovenia (with my husband Rob) to promote the sport and local riders in our local communities and strengthen the downhill scene.

I have spent many months travelling and assisting with International and World Cup events around the world, which has given me the opportunity to meet the global downhill community and learn about how other countries run events.

This year, as much I would like to continue racing, my main focus is to contribute to the local scene here in Australia through ASRA. Additionally, I would love to help guide and encourage more events in South America and Austral-Asia, especially in developing countries, which have large communities needing promotion on an international level.

Further, I am a big supporter of the women's downhill skateboarding scene and aim to help it grow and flourish. My intention is to bring about more equality for female riders - allowing them to thrive in racing, or any other capacity, alongside male riders - in the sport. I would like to work with other female companions and riders that are at a similar experience level as, or are even greater than, myself. This collaboration would aim to help create new and improved ideas on how to promote females in our sport.

I believe having a female member on the IDF board would be extremely beneficial, and it would be an invaluable role I hope to do justice to!

Kevin Reimer

  • 2009, 2010 IGSA Downhill Skateboard World Champion
  • 2014 IDF Series Champion - Downhill Skateboard
  • 2010 Speedboarder of the Year - Concrete Wave
  • Brand Manager of Aera Trucks at SkateOne
  • 26 Years Old

Over the years I've competed at all the events I could have, and have regularly been a part of trying to better the sport, both in product design and in the structure of events. After the formation of the IDF it was clear that we were on a path to an improved series and I was honoured to join the board as a Rider Rep. Though my time is spread thin with working at SkateOne and competitively racing, I have helped with decision making throughout the season and have thought in depth about improving the experience of the competitive downhill rider.

2015 marks the election for the IDF board. Having different perspectives and people on the board will help move us forward as a group, and should I be elected I plan to:

  • Push for a new, more reliable timing system. We need it.
  • Work to incorporate points systems for the masters, and younger juniors.
  • Continue the efforts towards more challenging race courses.
  • Arrange for a more automated race experience, timing wise.
  • Include members on more decision making.

Looking forward to 2015 and beyond.

Dave Robertson

I have been the Vice President of the Australian Skateboard Racing Association (ASRA) for the last 8 years and along with Haggy Strom and Colin Beck have created a benchmark of world and national level events.

Back in 2012, along with Koma and Norm Kinnish we were the first national association to sign on with the IDF in the early days because ASRA truly believed in the project of the IDF and the opportunity to create a sound future for our sport. I was the event director for the Newtons Nation and Mt Keira World Cup events, the Australian National BoarderX Series as well as running Australian National Slalom series for many years.

I have also run many grassroots events including Master of the Hill and many smaller junior development events in Australia both in operations and advisement roles. I have been an advocate for longboarding in the media, to government, and to industry since 2005. While I used to compete a lot in the early days my focus is now strongly planted in giving back to a community that has created every opportunity I have today. I intend to resign my executive position with ASRA this year to focus all of my attention on the business of continuing to build the IDF as the leading sports federation of its kind.

I’ve been in sports administration for the last 10 years and very specifically in the longboard industry, I have a great working relationship with most event organisers and industry people and believe I bring a technical level of skills that will specifically benefit the IDF in the service of its membership. I have a strong history of delivering top level world cup events, have produced broadcast streams to a worldwide audience in the production of both World Cup and national level events and have worked closely with government in advisement roles for our sport.

On a technical level I have always comprehensively delivered in both the backend sports administration and front end event delivery and believe an administrator needs to be most responsive to our riders who are our membership and the main customer we are here to serve. A good portion of you would have seen or met me at IDF events in South America and ASIA over the last year where I have volunteered for the IDF running race brackets and timing, running registration and undertaking rider meetings, and advising event organisers as their main point of contact with the world body.

Ideas for the IDF
We have spent the first 2 years establishing a foundation for the future of the IDF and now that the ground is solid it is time to push our sport to a greater level of professionalism in the administration and the projection of our scene. We need to create a breeding ground for the next generation of event organisers to foster a greater level of professionalism of events creating a product that delivers for the membership. Desirable events should be pushed to new and exciting locations with a focus on providing a better platform for riders in generating broadcast and sponsorship interest to enhance their ability to compete at the top level in our sport. I have been working closely with the IDF with IOC negotiations to push for Olympic participation for our sport and will continue to do so.

The industry has had a tough time over the last 2 years and needs some special attention to generate the sponsorship and promotional opportunities required to push our sport and support our riders into a positive future. I have a special interest in developing and working with our ASIA partners to foster the breeding ground for a future ASIAN and Australasian leg of Pro events as a growth driver for an enhanced World and Continental set of events pushing into what is a thriving scene that is hungry for development and encompasses nearly half the world’s population.

Patrick Switzer

In six years of world cup racing I've developed a good sense for what is working and what is not at an event. It has become important for me to listen to the worries and needs of the event organizer, track officials, the riders, and to respectfully aid each to better the event for all.

I would like to emphasize building junior & ladies racing to grow participation for following generations. Also give more representation to those who raced well in B & C race brackets as their accomplishments should be recognized.

Feel free to contact me at

Marco Vidales


I've been organizing, racing and working in downhill racing events for the last 5 years in Colombia and around the world. I've had the chance to learn a lot from riders and race organizers met along the way. We all come from the same place. The passion and effort to bring together our communities and make races is alike.

Risk will always be at the core in what we do. We can mitigate it, transfer it and assume it; but sharing our risk is the key. By applying the best practices from different parts of the world to develop the safest environments, we can push our limits and continue evolving to a more professional and challenging tour. Our challenge is to continue improving the requirements to hold a race. And to race.

I believe in the IDF, I believe that a well organized, not for profit, democratic organization with a solid technological backbone is the best road to continue evolving downhill skateboard racing around the world. A rider and race organization supporter with a huge common knowledge to share and make our sport grow. Safety, professionalization, exposure and tour sponsorship are some of the topics I want to work in the IDF. It is an honor to put my time and knowledge at your service to represent you in the IDF. Let me know your ideas at


He organizado, trabajado y corrido en carreras de downhill skateboarding desde hace 5 años en Colombia y alrededor del mundo. He tenido la oportunidad de aprender mucho de los riders y organizadores que he conocido en el camino. Todos venimos del mismo lugar, nuestra pasión y esfuerzo para unir a nuestras comunidades y hacer carreras es la misma.

El riesgo siempre estará latente en lo que hacemos. Podemos mitigarlo, transferirlo y asumirlo, pero compartirlo es la clave. Al tomar las mejores prácticas de las diferentes partes del mundo para desarrollar ambientes más seguros, podemos probar nuestros límites y continuar evolucionando a un circuito más profesional y desafiante. Nuestro reto es seguir mejorando los requerimientos para hacer una carrera y para competir en ella.

Creo en la IDF, creo que una organización democrática, sin ánimo de lucro, bien organizada y con un sólido respaldo tecnológico es es el mejor camino para continuar evolucionando las carreras de downhill skateboard alrededor del mundo. Seguridad, profesionalización, exposición y patrocinio del circuito son algunos de los temas que quiera trabajar en la IDF. Es un honor poner mi tiempo y conocimiento a tu disposición para representarte en la IDF. Escríbeme tus ideas a

Frank Williams

Hello, my name is Frank Williams, IDF #34. I have been a supporter of the IDF since the beginning and while many times I sought to challenge some of the policies and changes, it was always in an attempt to further the sport of downhill skateboard and street luge racing.

I started riding street luge in 1999 soon after watching it on the X-games. I had been riding skateboards down steep roads and driveways since before I can remember; both standing and sitting on them. After much research in the early days of the internet I made my first street luge out of pilfered wood from a construction site and a cannibalized skateboard. Over time my skills grew, my gear improved and my speeds quickened. I am not just a street luge racer though, I am also an avid longboard rider; even having raced, once, in a local downhill race.

It wasn't until 2011 that I became competitive, when I signed up for the Maryhill Festival of Speed. That event launched a racing career that would send me around the world, make me many friends with championship winning athletes of all disciplines and net me three world series championships of my own. Ultimately street luge racing has been a fantastic adventure.

I am running for an IDF board member position because I believe I can affect positive advancements for the sport of downhill racing. I want to aid in longboard/street luge relations as well as downhill and public relations. Even before running for board membership I was, and am, happy to help anyone for any need they may have. I would like the opportunity to listen to every racer's needs and thoughts and use that to help steer the sport into future prosperity.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to email me at and if you see me at an event I am always happy to loan out a luge for someone who wants to try it for a run: it's really fun.

Thank you for your consideration.

Colin Beck

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• Former Secretary, International Downhill Federation
• Founding member of ASRA (Australian Skateboard Racing Association)
• Skateboarder since 1972
• Likes visors