Lago Cerrillo Puerto Rico WQS

Lago Cerrillo IDF Downhill will happen Feb 7 & 8 2015 just 6km or 4 miles Northeast of the town of Ponce in the Southern Coastal Plain region of the Island. Ponce is often referred to as La Perla del Sur (The Pearl of the South) and is the regional center for various other commonwealth and federal government agencies.

Lago Cerrillo Downhill 2015

This track consists of 12 curves, five of which are extreme. Track speeds are 90km or 55 mph and takes approx. 3 (three) minutes and thirty (30) seconds to descend. This route has wide lanes to accommodate 4-6 competitors at a time.

As with almost all WQS events, the IDF will not have an official onsite representative but we are confident in the ability of Locales Entertainment and the Puerto Rican National Downhill Federation

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