The people behind the scenes at the IDF are always changing, and now is a good opportunity to publicly thank the people who put in their time and effort.

Kevin Reimer resigned from the IDF Board this spring after serving as Director for 2.5 years. Kevin's busy schedule meant he wasn't able to contribute as much as he wanted, and therefore he decided to step down to allow somebody else to take up a voting seat on the IDF Board. We'd like to thank Kevin for helping establish the IDF, for his 2.5 years of service and for all he and his family continues to do for downhill racing.

Dave Robertson
Dave "Robbo" RobertsonDave "Robbo" Robertson from Sydney, Australia, has replaced Kevin Reimer on the IDF Board. Because the vacancy occurred mid-term, the IDF Board voted in the replacement instead of the entire membership voting as it does every two years. Robbo has been one of the most committed IDF volunteers since the Federation's inception and has been crucial to helping establish vital systems. His background from years of work in the Australian Skateboard Racing Association (ASRA) and on events such as Netwon's Nation and Mt Keira means he has the ideal experience to serve on the IDF Board.

Berry Plasman
Berry Plasman aka BeeeThe IDF Board are all volunteers, but they don't do it all on their own. The IDF team has always had a number of people who are not on the Board, but contribute regularly to the running of the organization. Berry Plasman of the Netherlands has been a key IDF contributor for more than a year. This year he attended the European races as an IDF representative and behind the scenes is working hard on building the new IDF website. Berry also runs a fantastic skate calendar at

Marco Vidales
Marco VidalesMarcos Vidales from Colombia has also been a great contributor to our regular IDF online meetings. Marco has been hosting international events for five years with his partner Manuel Rivera. Marco and Manuel are Arca Promotions and co-organizers of the Festival de la Bajada World Cup and Lomalinda WQS near Bogota. This year Marco will also travel to some of the other South American races as an IDF representative.

If you're interested in getting involved with the IDF, please email us at

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