Festival de la Bajada Day 1

Riders faced a world-class challenge today at the first day of Festival de la Bajada 2015 it what some are calling the toughest track on the World Cup Tour.

Getting to know the track and being able to stick a good line here is tough, for some of the riders even making it all the way to the finish line without falling is quite a task. Qualifying goes down on Sunday with the Race unfolding on Holiday Monday.

Rodrigo Zuzunaga and Oscar Gutiérrez @ Festival de la Bajada 2015
Peruvian rider Rodrigo Zuzunaga is followed by Mexican rider Oscar Gutiérrez by Juancho Tapias

A dry and sunny track during the day didn’t prevent the many falls, scratched helmets, torn leathers and the couple of ambulance calls that took place as riders struggled to get a good line down the track. Thankful for their skills most riders, even top qualifiers were not tucking down the track on this first day.

Juan Pablo Villegas @ Festival de la Bajada 2015
Juan Pablo Villegas leads by Juancho Tapias

South American participation has been strong. With the continental ranking is up for grabs, many of the South American riders are looking for the title. Single qualifying will be held tomorrow to search for the fastest rider on the track and try and beat Byron Essert's 2014 record of 1:52.430.

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