Byron Essert furthered his early lead in the 2015 World Cup race with an impressive win over Dillon Stephens, reversing the result when the two last battled in the Philippines at Veggie High.

In Womens, Marie Bougourd from France passed Emily Pross after the first corner, leaving Emily with a tough line through the second corner and little hope of catching Marie.

But the biggest story was 15-year-old newcomer Matt King from Toronto who surprised everyone by eliminating Kevin Reimer and finishing 3rd in Open and 1st in Juniors. And local favorite Norm Plante raced to a 4th place finish using only one set of wheels for both qualifications and racing!

The sunny dry conditions were a perfect match for one of the most technical downhill races in the world. Old-school street luger Marc Dean and his crew executed an outstanding event; safety was paramount and everyone made it through with only minimal injuries. Thank you Vermont; next up on the tour is the Maryhill Festival of Speed.

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PCFP podium Open 2016
PCFP podium Open 2016


  1. Byron Essert
  2. Dillon Stephens
  3. Matt King
  4. Norman Plante

PCFP podium Women 2016
PCFP podium Women 2016


  1. Marie Bougourd
  2. Emily Pross
  3. Melissa Brogni

PCFP podium Juniors 2016
PCFP podium Juniors 2016


  1. Matt King
  2. Alex Charleson
  3. Ed Kiefer

PCFP podium Street Luge 2016
PCFP podium Street Luge 2016

Street luge

  1. Mikel Echegaray-Diez
  2. David Dean
  3. Kolby Parks

Mentioned riders

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A Downhill Skateboarder and Event Producer from Vancouver Canada, known for founding the Whistler Longboard Festival, The Britannia Classic, Skate Sun Peaks and the IDF.
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