Day two at Mega Grand Prix featured an amazing amount of timed runs. With an open qualification, riders ran the hot track all day long reaching up to 15 rides per competitor.

In his second run, Dillon Stephens set the early lead, which he maintained throughout the day. Carlos Paixão took run after run trying to improve his time with no success, and qualified second. But Carlos saved his best for last with a sub 1:13 time to take first place in the Top Ten Shoot Out and win 1000 BRL.

Thiago Gomes Lessa @ Mega GP 2015
Thiago Gomes Lessa @ Mega GP 2015 by Luciano Lima Jr.

Thiago Gomes Lessa qualified third and is well-placed to win tomorrow. The World Cup is at stake and these three are fighting for the top spot.

A strong pack of Brazilians trailed the top qualifiers: Thiago Mohr, Willian Rubim, Jonas Richter, junior qualifier Otacilio Silva, Andres Krob and Rafael Kiotheka.

Adam Persson @ Mega GP 2015
Adam Persson @ Mega GP 2015 by Luciano Lima Jr.

Adam Persson showed his experience on this track, where he won the 2013 IDF World Cup and made it to the top 10 qualifiers.

In juniors, Otacilio Araujo will race all day if he manages to maintain his position in Juniors and Open.

The 2015 IDF Downhill Skateboarding World Cup will be determined tomorrow. It has never been this tight before; be sure to follow us online tomorrow.


Open Skateboard Finals
Open Skateboard Repechage
Womens Skateboard Finals
Junior Skateboard Finals
Street Luge Finals
Classic Luge Finals
Masters Skateboard Finals
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Sunday Running Order

Practice Run
Repechage Round 1
Repechage Round 2
Open Skateboard Round 1
Open Skateboard Round 2
Classic Luge Round 1
Street Luge Round 1
Junior Quarter Finals
Womens Skateboard Round 1
Open Skateboard Quarter Finals
Masters Semi Finals
Classic Luge Round 1
Street Luge Round 1
Junior Semi Finals
Womens Skateboard Round 2
Open Skateboard Semi Finals
Masters Consi Final
Classic Luge Round 1
Street Luge Round 1
Junior Skateboard Consi Final
Open Skateboard Consi Final
Masters Final
Junior Skateboard Final
Womens Skateboard Final
Open Skateboard Final

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