Dillon Stephens and Carlos PaixãoThe overall IDF World Cup winner will soon be determined and there's a red-hot pack of riders in with a chance. Dillon Stephens from Canada sits on top with 5,221 points, but he must place better than 7th at Mega Grand Prix to add any points to his tally. His biggest threat is Brazilian Carlos Paixão who is only 54 points behind, but with the potential to add more points.

But it's not just these two. Last year's winner, Canadian Kevin Reimer can leap into the top spot with a good result at Mega and so can Brazilian Thiago Gomes Lessa as well as Zak Maytum from the USA. There's an almost endless set of scenarios to be considered, but here are some of the most likely scenarios.

Mega Grand Prix result scenarios

  • If Carlos places 10th or worse he cannot overtake Dillon.
  • If Carlos places between 9th and 4th, and Dillon places at least two places worse, Carlos overtakes Dillon.
  • If Carlos places 3rd or better, and Dillon places 2nd or worse, Carlos overtakes Dillon.
  • If Thiago wins, and Dillon places 6th or worse and Carlos places 9th or worse, Thiago overtakes both of them.

Check all the points here.

In Womens the result is already beyond doubt; Emily Pross has dominated the field. See the results here.

Juniors is a similar tale; Alex Charleson has been the standout junior rider all year and is already shaking things up in the Open category. See the results here

In Street Luge Spaniard Mikel Echegaray Diez has accumulated a perfect score with four wins and is unable to add any more points, however the race is not yet decided; Abdil Mahdzan from Malaysia can equal Mikel's points tally with a win at Mega Grand Prix combined with a win at any of the remaining WQS races. See the results here.

In Classic Luge, Mikel Echegary Diez has it wrapped up to conclude a truly dominant year for him. See the results here.

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