Day 2 Push Culture Family Picnic

Dillon Stephens - Photo by Restless
Dillon Stephens - Photo by Restless
Racers were excited to arrive to a dry track on this incredibly challenging downhill road this morning for qualifying.

The times were immediately faster than yesterday's practice times, as the pros stepped up and flexed their muscles. Dillon Stephens had only a few practice runs yesterday and showed no sign of the dominance he displayed today as he blitzed the field with a couple of early runs.

In a surprise to everybody, including himself, Shawn Prier of Toronto came out of nowhere to post the second fastest time, almost a half a second behind Stephens.

In Street Luge, Mikel Diez was a class above the competition, almost five seconds faster than second-placed David Dean. But on this short, narrow track, with limited overtaking opportunities, the push start will be crucial in determining the winner.

The dry morning progressed into a wet afternoon and a wet semi-final and final Junior Race. Killington Junior winner Alex Charleson was narrowly beaten by Matt King of Toronto in an all-Canadian final.

Matt King - Photo by Matt Mckeon
Matt King - Photo by Matt Mckeon

Open Quali Top 10

  1. Dillon Stephens
  2. Shawn Prier
  3. Byron Essert
  4. Norman Plante
  5. Patrick Switzer
  6. Alex Charleson
  7. Riley Harris
  8. Nicolas Desmarais
  9. Garrett Creamer
  10. Louis-Philippe Déry

Tomorrow, the top 28 from qualifying automatically move forward to the 32 finals bracket. Seeds 29-60 race a 32 bracket with the top 4 joining the top 28 to complete the 32 race bracket.

Co-written by Colin Beck