Carlos Paixão @ Mega GP by Luciano Lima Jr.
Carlos Paixão leads the pack in the last corner of the final - Photo: Luciano Lima Jr.

Carlos Paixão of Brazil won Mega Grand Prix yesterday, beating Dillon Stephens of Canada in both the final race and the entire year's rankings to emerge as the 2015 IDF World Champion.

It was a thrilling end to the 2015 World Cup season, with nothing decided until the final race. There was nothing to separate the two rivals; Dillon had posted the fastest qualifying time, but Carlos responded by winning the Top 10 Shootout with an even faster time. Both had won all their heats during the finals. An entire year's racing hung on the next 1 minute and 13 seconds.

Carlos pushed out in front and Dillon settled into fourth and started hunting. He picked off Thiago Gomes Lessa and Douglas Silva, but Carlos was always out of range.

Luciano Lima Jr.
Dillon Stephens @ Mega GP by Luciano Lima Jr.

It ended an incredibly consistent year for Dillon; three 2nds, three 7ths and a 10th, but ultimately it was the lack of breakout wins that left him fall short.

Carlos' year was more inconsistent; twice eliminated in the first round at World Cups he made up for it with three top 10 results in North America and Europe before storming home with two wins in South America.

In Womens Melissa Brogni Da Luz of Brazil beat Paloma Acha Dorado of Spain and in Juniors, Brazilian Jeremias Gasparotto beat fellow Brazilian and strong favorite, Otacilio Silva Araujo Costa in a close final, with Richard Faria taking third.

Juniors @ Mega GP by Luciano Lima Jr.
Juniors @ Mega GP by Luciano Lima Jr.

Alexandre Cerri Machado of Brazil was undefeated in Street Luge, as was Bruno Vidal Vieira of Brazil in Classic Luge.

The 2015 World Championships have all been decided, but there is one more race left, and the South American Championships are still up for grabs. Stay tuned for more from La Violenta in Argentina.

Thiago Mohr, Willian Rubim de Carlen,Adam Persson, Rodrigo Bell - consi final @ Mega GP
Thiago Mohr leads Willian Rubim De Carlen, Adam Persson and Rodrigo Bell in the last corner of the consolation final by Luciano Lima Jr.

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Riders @ Mega GP by Luciano Lima Jr.
Riders @ Mega GP by Luciano Lima Jr.

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