Riha dominates Open Final on Pikes Peak

The 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Downhill was one for the record books as wild weather, big name crashes and A-list eliminations.

With no Kelly, Pilloni or Dalua to compete and big names getting knocked out in early rounds Californian Jimmy Riha wins in convincing fashion with Canadian George Mackenzie coming in 2nd, Swedish Mauritz Armfelt in 3rd and Brazilian Richardo Reis in 4th after a dramatic advance in the semis on Davidson and Chapman. Riley Harris wins consi’s with Ballesteros in 6th.

Open podium @ Pikes Peak 2014
Open podium @ Pikes Peak 2014
  1. Jimmy Riha
  2. George Mackenzie
  3. Mauritz Armfelt
  4. Ricardo Reis
Women podium @ Pikes Peak 2014
Women podium @ Pikes Peak 2014

Emily Pross on a back to back winning streak has seem to figure out Elena’s stronghold in the Women’s category.

  1. Emily Pross
  2. Tamara Prader
  3. Elena Corrigall
  4. Marie Bougourd
Juniors podium @ Pikes Peak 2014
Juniors podium @ Pikes Peak 2014

Peruvian Brandon Gonzalo dominates Juniors after top competitor Connor Ferguson from Australia decides to advance in Open instead of Junior.

  1. Gonzalo Brandon
  2. Elijah Vinograd
  3. Brian Lugbill
  4. Dane Hanna

All photos: Brad T. Miller