Here's another video of the course for ya - this one with Max Wipperman & Jonas Richter mic'd up. When Max crashes in a 50 mph pre-drift we continue on with Jonas' commentary in Portugese.

The Family Picnic was a huge success!

We skated through rain, fog & hail, but also had a hefty dose of sunshine. This course is high speed and technical, but it was also patchy all day during racing which brought lots of crashing and not a single head to head finish.

Before race day we decided it was safer to race 3 instead of 4 man heats. The round robin resulted in 3 semi final heats where 1st place advanced to the final, 2nd to the consi and 3rd to the consi-consi.

Lugers @ Push Culture Family Picnic
Lugers @ Push Culture Family Picnic - Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

For a first year race things could have not gone better! We learned a lot and will be ready for the turn-out we're sure this years event hype will generate. So come out to Vermont next summer for the Push Culture Family Picnic which will probably be later in the season for better weather.

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  1. James Kelly
  2. Norman Plante
  3. Charles Ouimet
  4. Jonas Richter
  5. Tyler Howell
  6. Pierre Olivier Desmarais


  1. Samuel Blais
  2. Eric Chernushenko
  3. Sam Ettore
  4. Connor Reilley

Street luge

  1. Andy Lally
  2. David Dean
  3. Kolby Parks
  4. Chris Hicks

Mentioned riders

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