Push Culture Family Picnic Day 2

James Kelly @ PCFP 2014
James Kelly @ PCFP 2014

Day 2 was beautiful and sunny! We grabbed this raw run with James Kelly this morning to show you what the hill has to offer when it's dry - Enjoy!

We raced Women, Juniors and Masters today. Tomorrow is Open Pro and Expert! We're having a blast and we're pretty sure we've discovered something really special, can't wait to show the rest of you!


  1. Emily Pross
  2. Cassandra Duchesne
  3. Katie Fry


  1. Raphael Blais Lanctot
  2. Louis-Philippe Déry
  3. Jonathan Rutherford


  1. Niko Desmarais
  2. Tom Wilson
  3. Travis Davenport