Pikes Peak 2014 – Day 1

Spirits are high at the second Annual Pikes Peak Downhill in Colorado Springs. The world's fastest skateboarders have completed day 1 on a course starting above 11,000 feet, with 1.5 miles/2.4km of sweeping turns, steep drops, and banked hairpin corners.

With top speeds of 57 mph or 91 km this 8 corner track required loads of high speed drifting and is one of the most highly anticipated stops on the International Downhill Federation schedule.

Pike's Peak start line
Pike's Peak start line

Right to left - Key Dougherty, George Mackenzie, Zak Maytum, Scott Lembach and Rider unknown line up for a freeride run today. The legendary Pikes Peak Mountain stands behind 14,000 ft.

Weather conditions held until 2:30pm in the afternoon before the torrential rain and the hail piled up as snow and ice on America's Mountain. No serious injuries are to report at this time and we look forward a dry forecast and fast speeds for race day tomorrow.