Jimmy Riha, Patrick Switzer and Benjamin Dubreuil
Jimmy Riha, Patrick Switzer and Benjamin Dubreuil - Photo: Beee

Patrick Switzer won the Whistler Longboard Festival in convincing fashion, leading from start to finish in the final after winning all of his heats. Last year's winner, Jimmy Riha finished second and a very stoked Benjamin Dubreuil came in third. Intermittent rain throughout the day left the course in patchy condition, with constantly changing levels of grip.

The Women's event was also won in convincing style, with Elena Corrigall dominating every heat. Curt Watts had a massive day, winning the Juniors while also featuring in the Open finals, placing fifth. In Street Luge, Mikel Echegaray Diez of Spain was able to just hold out Andy Lally.

Cassandra Duchesne @ Whistler 2014
Cassandra Duchesne handles the patchy conditions

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