The Monterreal Longboard Festival went down this past weekend with great success. California's Byron Essert beat out a stacked field in convincing fashion.

MLF 2014 start
MLF 2014 start

"Despite a remote rural location, the track at MLF is fast, wide, technical and beautifully paved. At 2 miles length with a top speed near 55mph/88km and a variety of medium- and high-speed corners, passing opportunities were plentiful. 64 of the fastest racers from throughout North and Central America duked it out through double elimination competition, and two days of hard riding were rewarded with a bowl jam, music festival, chiquichores "outlaw" and plentiful partying". - Mike Girard

James Kelly & Byron Essert
James Kelly & Byron Essert


  1. Byron Essert
  2. James Kelly
  3. Trevor Baird
  4. Kyle Wester
  5. Dustin Hampton
  6. Dillon Stephens
  7. Brian Sandoval
  8. Luis David Ortiz Gonzalez
  9. Greivin Amador
  10. Miguel Azanza
  11. Gerardo Moreno
  12. Fer Bailleres
  13. Max Ballesteros
  14. Tyler Howell
  15. Brandon Ortega
  16. Jorge Celis
  17. Kyle Chin
  18. Ethan Cochard
  19. Fernando Concha


  1. Valeria Figueroa Fuentes
  2. Marcela Giraldo
  3. Flor Fernandez Ramseier


  1. Oscar Gutierrez
  2. Luis David Ortiz
  3. Brandon Gonzalez Ortega
  4. Ulices Uriel Torres Saucedo
  5. Ian Calvo
  6. Gerardo Arriaga
  7. Irvin Alexis Alvarez
  8. Gabriel Saldivar

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A Downhill Skateboarder and Event Producer from Vancouver Canada, known for founding the Whistler Longboard Festival, The Britannia Classic, Skate Sun Peaks and the IDF.
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