Riders @ Maryhill 2014
Riders @ Maryhill 2014

Qualifiers for all categories finished up on a glorious summer day here at Maryhill. The morning began with classic luge timed runs, and Mikel Echegaray Diez from Spain showed his domination with a 5 second lead over second-placed Benjamin Zehner.

It was much closer in street luge, but the result was little changed, with Diez again taking first spot over Abdil Mahdzan, this time by a much slimmer margin; 0.1 second.

The second half of the skateboard qualifiers then took over, with two 96-person brackets racing to determine the last 48 places in the Open finals.

With just one day left it's all on the line. Patrick Switzer is looking for a record fourth win here, while Kevin Reimer, the dominant skater of the last few years, has yet to win the prestigious Maryhill crown. Zak Maytum is always a threat here, as is Portland local Alex Tongue.

This is one of the toughest races to win on the circuit - the field is deep, and the nature of the track makes it wide open for anybody to win. Tomorrow awaits...

John Ozman gets interviewed
John Ozman gets interviewed for Korean TV

Classic Luge times

1 Mikel Echegaray Diez 03:06.637
2 Benjamin Zehner 03:11.077
3 Frank Williams 03:13.836
4 Keith Henderson 03:14.025
5 Mike Paproski 03:14.669
6 Christopher Hicks 03:18.076
7 Riley Harris 03:20.926
8 Peter Morin 03:24.777
9 William Fogel 03:27.745
10 Chris Mcbride 03:29.354
11 Mike Mcintyre 03:29.886
12 Fernando Concha 03:32.225
13 Jan Moisanen 03:34.914
14 Maxim Moisanen 03:38.609

Street Luge times

1 Mikel Echegaray Diez 02:59.875
2 Abdil Mahdzan 02:59.979
3 David Dean 03:03.629
4 Mike Mcintyre 03:06.158
5 Christopher Hicks 03:07.238
6 Mike Paproski 03:07.292
7 Keith Henderson 03:07.603
8 Benjamin Zehner 03:08.520
9 Berry Plasman 03:10.889
10 Chris Mcbride 03:12.265
11 Frank Williams 03:12.984
12 Peter Morin 03:13.068
13 Darius Escandar 03:21.074
14 Jan Moisanen 03:29.240
15 Maxim Moisanen 03:30.704
16 Torey Norell 03:37.211

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