It looked like the sky had cracked open, because there was so much rain coming down the evening/night before the start of Kozakov 2014, but miraculously it stopped raining as quickly as it had started and on the morning of the freeride day, the weather was sunny and the road had all dried up.

It was on (at least for those who had registered for an extra day). The whole day the nice weather continued and at least 14 runs were done in superb conditions.

Day 2 was the first day where all riders would be attending, if they didn't decide to skip runs. It was the first open training/freeride day and again the weather was in tiptop condition. No serious crashes happened during the first 2 days, so hay bales were saved (which was a serious problem in 2013) and skin was kept...

Day 3 was qualification day. Thanks to the people at TAG Heuer/Chronolec, we had a fully working system again, but before we could use it properly, we had to wait for the weather to clear up. It started to drizzle a bit around 9 in the morning but which was only for a short period of time. The wind blew the clouds away and the sun came out. And it stayed out all through the day, although the wind made it a bit chilly but these conditions were perfect to ride qualification runs.

Riders watching the quali times
Riders watching the quali times

Since it was a timed qualification riders knew they had an 'empty' track to ride, without taking others into account. Times were set and then broken again in next rounds, by taking other lines or just using new sets of wheels. The screen showing the times was a welcome addition again. Riders now grouped around the screen, to see who they beat, or who they got beaten by.

A special note for Mikel Echegaray-Diez who beat his own track record, set in 2013, by 00.029. Congratulations Mikel!

Top 10 Open

  1. Kevin Reimer 2:22.043
  2. Sebastian Hertler 2:22.294
  3. Alex Tongue 2:22.868
  4. Patrick Switzer 2:23.120
  5. Max Ballesteros 2:23.263
  6. Jimmy Riha 2:23.266
  7. Jackson Shapiera 2:23.296
  8. Connor Ferguson 2:23.892
  9. Matthew Kienzle 2:23.960
  10. Kyle Wester 2:24.250

Top 5 Street Luge

  1. Mikel Echegaray Diez 2:15.721
  2. Abdil Mahdzan 2:19.051
  3. David Dean 2:19.061
  4. Jan Tarradas 2:21.180
  5. Edgar De Wit 2:21.635

Top 5 Classic Luge

  1. Mikel Echegaray Diez 2:20.372
  2. Jan Tarradas 2:26.931
  3. Konstantin Weigl 2:27.749
  4. Rafael Fazano 2:28.986
  5. Lars Aspevik Martinsen 2:30.570

More coming later...

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