The South African Gravity Racing Association and their team of course workers pulled off the 2nd and 3rd day of freeride, qualifications and a Top 15 Shoot out today with a 4th day of racing coming Sunday.

Friday was a slow start after a wet night but things dried nicely by the time qualifications started. Decio Lourenco was a local favorite, SA Champ and 2013 HH Champion made famous by his “Kloofnek Bomber” spoofing cam video. Not to be forgotten is Colorado native Kyle Wester who was 2nd in the 2012 event and Sebastian Hertler from German who has been tearing up the circuit.

Hot Heels 2014 Decio Lourenco
Decio Lourenco on the line.

In the women’s category French racer Marie Bougourd and local South African Gabi Murray-Roberts are the ladies to beat.

Hot Heels 2014 Top Hill
Riders gathered around the start for their qualifying runs.

Open quali

  1. Decio Lourenco 1:45.182
  2. Kyle Wester 1:45.859
  3. Jason Brown 1:46.018
  4. Sebastian Hertler 1:46.780
  5. Simon Sturrock 1:47.753

Women quali

  1. Marie Bougourd 1:56.275
  2. Gabi Murray-Roberts 1:56.876
  3. Rachel Bruskoff 1:58.977

Junior quali

  1. Joey Marcus 1:47.475
  2. Bryce Gardiner 1:50.252
  3. Angus Burns 1:51.410
  4. Sebastian Snyman 1:52.108
  5. David Sim 1:52.239

Classic luge quali

  1. Konstantin Weigl 1:47.480
  2. Glen Phillips 1:48.948
  3. Tim Scott 1:51.369

Top 15 shootout results

  1. Decio Lourenco 1:48.357
  2. Kyle Wester 1:50.034
  3. Brian Cortright 1:51.242
  4. Sebastian Hertler 1:51.877
  5. Tom Courly 1:53.245
  6. Simon Sturrock 1:53.400
  7. Richard Dweza 1:53.948
  8. Nick Hook 1:54.249
  9. Henry Muller 1:55.219
  10. Joey Marcus 1:55.466
  11. Scott Smith 1:55.718
  12. Alex Meyer 1:56.830
  13. Brandon Tissen 1:57.400
  14. Tim Scott 1:59.761

Full Qualifying Results

Mentioned riders

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