podium Last year it was 5+1. In 2014 it's 6+1. What does that mean?

The 6
Each rider's best 6 results in 2014 will be included in their 2014 rankings.

The +1
Where a rider has raced at 6 or more World Cup (WC) events and 1 or more World Qualifying Series (WQS) events in 2014, their rankings points will include: their best WQS result, plus their best 6 other results.

("Best result" is defined by the amount of ranking points awarded. Twentieth in a WC is better than 1st in a WQS.)

Why the change?

Last year we had 8 World Cup races. This year we'll have more, so it makes sense to include more in the rankings.

This change has not yet been added to our Race Rules and Regulations (click here for the Spanish version), but soon will be.

Colin Beck

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