Priority Reg is now OPEN and will close on the Apr 10th, at 6:00pm PST. Priority Rider List Here. Open Reg begins on Apr 12, at 6pm PST. Make sure you IDF profile is approved 48hrs before hand.

IDF World Cup DH - July 4-6 @ Whistler Sliding Centre with Live Stream

Skate Jam - July 5th - 5pm @ Whistler Skate Park

Skate X Shoot - July 7 @ Whistler Olympic Park

Skate Showcase - July 5-6 @ Village Mt. Square

IDF WC Points



17U (from Jan1)

Street Luge.

SHOWCASE Categories


MicroGrom 14 and Under

Priority Registration

Begins on March 15th, at 6pm PST. Priority Registration will close on the Apr 10th, at 6:00pm PST

If you are a Priority Rider you can register during this time. If you are not a Priority List rider than please wait until open registration.

Open Registration

Begins on Apr 12, at 6pm PST.

Rider Limit

The registered rider limit for WLF 2013 will be 192 Skaters and 16 Luge


No refunds will be given once you have registered for any reason.

How Much Does It Cost?

CAD $200 + ($24 tax) = $224

Lugers race one class only

Juniors, Woman, Masters race in opens for no additional cost

Payment must be made by PayPal at time of registration to secure your place. for all details including schedule, maps and accommodation info

Mentioned riders

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Lee Cation

This post was written by Lee Cation

A Downhill Skateboarder and Event Producer from Vancouver Canada, known for founding the Whistler Longboard Festival, The Britannia Classic, Skate Sun Peaks and the IDF.
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