MLF Race 2017
MLF Race 2017 - Photo by Mike Girard

Mesa de las Tablas, Mexico: Trevor Baird won the 2013 MLF Open Downhill from fellow American Dustin Hampton, with Brian Sandoval from Costa Rica taking third. Local favorite Gerardo Moreno crashed in the final while taking a sketchy inside line in an attempt to overtake Trevor Baird.

Valeria Figueroa Fuentes won the women's race, and also qualified for the Open Finals. Daniel Caro dominated the Juniors division while also making it through to the semi-finals in the Opens.

Old world Mexico
Old world Mexico - Photo: Mike Girard

The setting for this race is spectacular and unique. The track is long (2.3 miles/3.7 kilometres), with high-speed straights and technical corners. The track finishes at the village entrance - as riders slow to a stop they find themselves in the main street among open air food stalls set up by the local villagers. The town has only 300 residents and the main industry is apple farming.

Hay baling, Mesa style
Hay baling, Mesa style - Photo: Mike Girard

The local kids have started skateboarding in the wake of the out-of-town longboarders who skate their hill, and six of them entered the race having been donated the necessary safety equipment. These kids have one of the best hills in the world literally in their backyard, and they skate every day.

Local groms
Local groms - Photo: Mike Girard

At the conclusion of the race the music festival kicked off, with 5,000 people coming from the city of Monterrey and surrounding areas to transform the sleepy town into a giant party.

Monterreal Festival goes off
Monterreal Festival goes off - Photo: Mike Girard

MLF is one of the best tracks in the world, and the race is part of a truly spectacular event in a beautiful setting. Don't miss it next year.

Open Skateboard

1. Trevor Baird (USA)
2. Dustin Hampton (USA)
3. Brian Sandoval (Costa Rica)
4. Gerardo Moreno (Mexico)
5. Jose Fernando Vega Concha (Mexico)
6. Daniel Caro (Mexico)
7. Oscar Gutierrez (Mexico)
8. Fernando Ortiz (Mexico)
9. Fernando Bailleres (Mexico)
10. Fabian Gutierrez (Mexico)
11. Brent Dubendorf (USA)
12. Angel Gerardo Arriaga (Mexico)

Women's Skateboard

1. Valeria Figueroa Fuentes (Mexico)
2. Alejandra Villalobos (Mexico)
3. Francesca Rosario
4. Flor Hernandez Ramseier (Mexico)

Junior Skateboard

1. Daniel Caro (Mexico)
2. Oscar Gutierrez (Mexico)
3. Roberto Pimentel (Mexico)
4. Raul Alejandro Flores (Mexico)
5. Angel Gerardo Arriaga (Mexico)
6. Hector Alejandro Salazar (Mexico)
7. Brandon Ortega (Mexico)
8. Irving Alexis Alvarez (Mexico)
9. Bruno Mestanza (Mexico)
10. Salvador Aleman (Mexico)
11. Ulises Uriel Torres (Mexico)

Classic Luge

1. Jose Fernando Vega Concha (Mexico)
2. Fabian Gutierrez (Mexico)
3. Daniel Favela (Mexico)

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