Californian local James Kelly tamed the beast that is the Angie's Curves track to take out the second IDF World Cup of the year in a hard fought final from Duke Degan and Ricardo Reis with junior Chance Gaul unluckily going down at the start but taking a career best 4th.

Last weekend Sector 9 Skateboards, in association with the The Ian Tilmann Foundation, Inc, took advantage of international Go Skateboarding Day to kick-off the inaugural Angie’s Curves race, set in beautiful Pala, California.

The course was immaculate, but not to be out done by the amazing valley views from the top of the course where spectators could see 90% of the race track and the action. Angie’s Curves is a certified event on the IDF - International Downhill Federation's pro circuit and set the precedent for the rest of the season. The race was a three day event that started on Friday, June 21st with practice runs for all riders in competition.

It was clear from day one that Angie’s Curves would provide one of the fastest, most challenging, and strategically demanding courses to date. All of the riders agreed and embraced the challenge to come. The day ended with staff and competitors leaving the hill and heading back to the campground on Lake Henshaw. A performance stage set up in the middle of the campsite for Sector 9 Rock Team favorites Low Volts and Blackout Party to rage on throughout the night. The downhill family was strong as riders exchanged stories and strategies over some cold beverages and great music!

Day two kicked off early in the morning with all of the riders eager to get out on the hill and start shaving seconds off their times. It was a hot day out on the course and the riding was even hotter! Time trials for all three divisions ran exceptionally smooth throughout most of the day with minimal crashes and few minor injuries.

At mid-day there was a break for the riders and event staff to enjoy some tasty Wahoo's Fish Tacos and gear up on any Sector 9, Gullwing Truck Co., or RAD equipment they may have needed. At the end of the day the top 10 fastest times from each division were matched up in a time-trial shootout for $1000.

Day 2 ended with the Gullwing Team invading and taking over the Pala Skate Park for the Gullwing Death Race. Anyone who was not too tired or broke off from the day’s heats was invited to participate in the coned-off speed run through the concrete bowl. After the Death Race everyone headed back to the campsite for a mellow night in preparation for the semis and finals. Pre-race superstitions were in the air…

Day three again started bright and early with an intense, focused attitude from everyone to riders, staff, and the many spectators that made their way out to this amazing venue. With the seeding complete and the heat draws set, everyone was excited for the race to start. The heats were extremely competitive with everyone leaving it all out on the pavement. Technical drifting and speed control was a must on the top of the hill while speeds then hit 60+ MPH through the chicane; the fastest part of the course.

The finals came down to Sector 9 riders Ricardo Reis and Chance Gaul, as well as Arbor riders James Kelly, and Duke Degen. James Kelly ended up claiming victory with the fastest time of 1:50.404. Duke Degen took 2nd and Ricardo Reis came in 3rd.

Angie’s Curves lived up to their reputation and set the bar for all other races to come. A huge thanks goes out to The Ian Tillmann Foundation, Sector 9 Skateboards, Gullwing Truck Co., RAD Wheels, Paradox Grip, MuirSkate, Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, all of our volunteer event staff, and of course Angie! Also a big shout out to Louis Pilloni and Jeff Budro for making this event run as smoothly as it did! Hope to see you all out there next year!

Results Open Skateboard 64 Bracket

  1. James Kelly
  2. Duke Degen
  3. Ricardo Reis
  4. Chance Gaul
  5. Dillon Stephens
  6. Scott Lembach
  7. Louis Pilloni
  8. Ville Hietala
  9. Zak Maytum
  10. Kevin Reimer
  11. Spencer Smith
  12. Alex Dehmel
  13. Thiago Gomes
  14. Rain Daley
  15. Leon Ritter
  16. Juliano Cassemiro
  17. Kyle Martin
  18. Timothy Del
  19. Kevin Bouaich
  20. John Barnet
  21. Chadwick Gibson
  22. Jackson Shapiera
  23. Bernardo Paixão
  24. Travis Morris
  25. Billy Meiners
  26. Riley Harris
  27. Byron Essert
  28. Patrick Switzer
  29. Patrick Schep
  30. Thiago Duarte
  31. James Ware
  32. Rafael Sabella
  33. Jimmy Riha
  34. Tyler Howell
  35. Max Gradlmiller
  36. Alex Tongue
  37. Riley Irvine
  38. Trevor Ovenden
  39. Daniel Luna
  40. Pedro Frangulis
  41. Justin Rouleau
  42. Ethan Vinograd
  43. Alysson Garcia
  44. Maxwell Capps
  45. Justin Dailey
  46. Drew Edwards
  47. Mackenzie Yoshida
  48. Brandon Sanchez
  49. Max Wippermann
  50. Matthew Kienzle
  51. Justin Suryanata
  52. Nicolas Desmarais
  53. Micah Green
  54. Brett Ciabattini
  55. Adam Persson
  56. Lee Cation
  57. Deen Mondt
  58. Charles Ouimet
  59. Marie Bougourd
  60. Jose Guzman
  61. Cole Kurtz
  62. Ethan Lau
  63. Aidan Lynds
  64. Caio Cezar

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