Confirming the rumours circling around one of Europe's best-loved races, the IDF is pleased to announce that Kozakov Challenge will be under the IDF banner in 2013. Kozakov is home to one of the best tracks on the planet and is one of the most keenly enjoyed races on the tour.

In the words of Kozakov's organiser, Honza:

To all the riders and whole downhill family over the world:

When we started Kozakov Challenge five years ago, nobody expected that our race would become so successfull. And I'm very glad that some of you like our road and hard party at the tent, so we can see each other more than once in the history of this mad race.

My baby, Kozakov, had to choose and I chose. So I want to tell all of you that Kozakov Challenge 2013 will be organised under the IDF flag.

I want to thank Marcus Rietema very much and the whole IGSA for helping us grow at the scale we did. Sharing experience earned over the years was the most invaluable kickstart we could ever imagine. Physical help on site prevented anything from going wrong and much more. Thank you!

See you all with a board and beer in the season 2013!

Thanks Honza, we'll be there.

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