TMI Lilyhammer 2016

TMI Lilyhammer 2016

Event info

Dates08/07 - 10/07/16
City/CountryLillehammer, Norway
TypeWorld Cup
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Registration info

Registration fee$ 210.00
Rider limit110

Track info

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Lilyhammer, NorwayThis is Norways fastest race to date and it’s located in the town of Lillehammer 2,5 hours out of the capitol, Oslo.

The hill offers speed and technical hairpins and sweeping turns. The track is approximately 1,7km and might be extended to 2,2km. A map of the track is here.

It will be a 3-day event, first day for testing and getting to know the track and time trials. Second will be a top ten shoot out, letting people dial in lines and having fun. Race will happen the third day.

We will be limiting the number of riders in open class to 120 so that riders get more time on the track.

There will be a prize purse of 15.000 NOK (approx. $ 2000) divided over all categories.

Lilyhammer is a beautiful place next to Norway’s largest lake (Mjøsa) and the city that hosted the 1994 winter Olympics. For athletes there is a choice of booking rooms or apartments in the hotel that is located at the bottom of the track.

There are plenty of shops in the area and restaurants downtown.

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Rider list

1.Tristan CardilloCHJuniors
2.Till HeidenCHOpen skateboard
3.Riccardo AldinucciITLuge
4.Dave SüessCHOpen skateboard
5.Cedric CornellNOMasters
6.Marcus AldinucciITOpen skateboard
7.Dale GoodwinGBOpen skateboard
8.Jørund BratsetNOOpen skateboard
9.Einar KvamNOOpen skateboard
10.Emile Eknes MillerNOOpen skateboard
11.Jakub RodCZMasters
12.Federico BarboniITOpen skateboard
13.Pete ConnollyGBMasters
14.Jesse MartinCAJuniors
15.Vašek ČvančaraCZOpen skateboard
16.Lukas ÜbelhörDEOpen skateboard
17.Trygve Flebu JørundlandNOOpen skateboard
18.Pearse d'ArcyIEOpen skateboard
19.Abdil MahdzanMYLuge
20.Kolby ParksCALuge
21.Daina BanksUSOpen skateboard
22.Stefano BarbizziITOpen skateboard
23.Federico FalcoITOpen skateboard
24.Andrea MoreniITOpen skateboard
25.Giorgio GarinoITOpen skateboard
26.Guido LauschDELuge
27.Aaron HampshireUSOpen skateboard
28.Tanner MorelockUSOpen skateboard
29.Seth GoukerUSOpen skateboard
30.Edoardo BarbiITOpen skateboard
31.Patrick LombardiITOpen skateboard
32.Jasmijn HanegraefBEWomen
33.Aleix GallimoESOpen skateboard
34.Irra Cameselle EsperónESMasters
35.Daniela LazoPEWomen
36.Brennan BastAUOpen skateboard
37.Michal CihlarUSOpen skateboard
38.Knox HeslopUSJuniors
39.Harry ClarkeAUOpen skateboard
40.Fabrizio ClausiESOpen skateboard
41.Zak MaytumUSOpen skateboard
42.Justin RouleauUSOpen skateboard
43.Mitch ThompsonAUOpen skateboard
44.Emily ProssUSWomen
45.Jens Schøien ØvregårdNOOpen skateboard
46.Henning Philip PatrickssonNOOpen skateboard
47.Steffen EliassenNOMasters
48.Lyde BegueFRWomen
49.Michael EnglishAUOpen skateboard
50.Jennifer SchauerteDEWomen
51.Cassandra DuchesneCAWomen
52.Samuel D'AvignonCAOpen skateboard
53.Nicolas DesmaraisCAOpen skateboard
54.Max BallesterosBROpen skateboard
55.Thiago Gomes LessaBROpen skateboard
56.Lisa PetersNLWomen
57.Grace WongNZWomen
58.Joao Pedro LaporteBROpen skateboard
59.Axel PatrickssonNOOpen skateboard
60.Peter EliotGBLuge
61.Marius JørgensenNOOpen skateboard
62.Alex CharlesonCAOpen skateboard
63.Vojta ZacekCZJuniors
64.Damian Derek Blanquer GelezESOpen skateboard
65.Rachel BruskoffUSWomen
66.Tommaso BohannonITOpen skateboard
67.Douglas SilvaBROpen skateboard
68.Carlos PaixãoBROpen skateboard
69.Lorenza WalkerSEWomen
70.George CheesemanGBLuge
71.Javier Táboas RicoESOpen skateboard
72.Andrew LouwDKOpen skateboard
73.Adam PerssonSEOpen skateboard
74.Peter AnderssonSEMasters
75.Benjamin HayAUMasters
76.Anders IndeSEOpen skateboard
77.Roberto MarascaITOpen skateboard
78.Jed ChapmanGBOpen skateboard
79.Andrez Krob PereiraBROpen skateboard
80.Lars MikalsenNOOpen skateboard
81.Clayton ArthursCAOpen skateboard
82.Michael O'KeeffeAULuge
83.Anton LindénSEOpen skateboard
84.Shane MacDougallCALuge
85.Sondre BraaNOOpen skateboard
86.Benjamin LindmarkSEOpen skateboard
87.Kevinn BlomqvistSEOpen skateboard
88.Esaja EkmanSEOpen skateboard
89.Elias AnderssonSEJuniors
90.Quirin IlmerATOpen skateboard
91.Tiago MohrBROpen skateboard
92.Erik EvensenNOMasters
93.Linn AnderssonSEWomen
94.Erik LundbergSEOpen skateboard
95.Lucas KrownSEOpen skateboard
96.Lasse MoeNOOpen skateboard
97.Mauritz ArmfeltSEOpen skateboard
98.Ludwig FahlströmSEOpen skateboard
99.Adrian JanceyNOOpen skateboard
100.Johannes AalholmNOOpen skateboard
101.Tim WhiteAUOpen skateboard
102.Simon HasselbergNOOpen skateboard
103.Edward KieferUSJuniors
104.Hans Kristian HenriksenNOOpen skateboard

Riders p/nationality

  • NO - 18
  • SE - 14
  • IT - 11
  • US - 11
  • CA - 8
  • AU - 7
  • BR - 7
  • ES - 5
  • GB - 5
  • DE - 3
  • CH - 3
  • CZ - 3
  • NZ - 1
  • NL - 1
  • PE - 1
  • FR - 1
  • BE - 1
  • DK - 1
  • AT - 1
  • IE - 1
  • MY - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 71
  • Women - 11
  • Masters - 8
  • Luge - 8
  • Juniors - 6

There are riders from 21 different nationalities attending this event.

There will be no official camp for riders this year. There is a camp site near downtown or a fairly cheap hotel at the bottom of the track where one should book rooms in as early as possible. Say that you are with TMI Skateboarding for a reduced price.