Riders list

# Name Category 1 Category 2
1.Tristan Cardillo (CH)Open skateboardJuniors
2.Luana Chaves (BR)Open skateboard 
3.Konstantin Weigl (AT)Luge 
4.Marcus Aldinucci (IT)Open skateboard 
5.Daniele Aldinucci (IT)Luge 
6.Melissa Brogni (BR)Women 
7.Will Stephenson (GB)Luge 
8.Paul Trice (GB)Luge 
9.Nick Dall'Aglio (IT)Masters 
10.Loïc Egido (CH)Open skateboard 
11.Andrez Krob Pereira (BR)Open skateboard 
12.Sawyer Kulman (US)Open skateboard 
13.Yanis Markarian (FR)Open skateboard 
14.Josh Evans (AU)Open skateboard 
15.Emanuele Caruso (IT)Masters 
16.Emily Pross (US)Open skateboardWomen
17.Sabrina Ambrosi (AR)Open skateboardWomen
18.Morgan Owens (US)Open skateboard 
19.Mikel Echegaray Diez (ES)Luge 
20.Daniel Minsky (US)Open skateboardJuniors
21.Daniel Engel (US)Open skateboard 
22.Anna Pixner (AT)Open skateboardWomen
23.Jennifer Schauerte (DE)Open skateboardWomen
24.Baldur Kutschera (CH)Open skateboard 
25.Victor Van Audenrode (BE)Open skateboardJuniors
26.Adam Westfall (US)Open skateboard 
27.Javier Táboas Rico (ES)Open skateboard 
28.Parker Schmidt (US)Open skateboard 
29.Carlos Paixão (BR)Open skateboard 
30.Kolby Parks (CA)Luge 
31.Damian Derek Blanquer Gelez (ES)Open skateboardMasters
32.Giorgio Garino (IT)Open skateboard 
33.Andrej Ilič (CZ)Luge 
34.Adam Klima (CZ)Open skateboardJuniors
35.Davis Lanham (AU)Open skateboard 
36.Luis Garcia (ES)Open skateboardMasters
37.Giorgio Castagnola (IT)Masters 
38.Federico Falco (IT)Open skateboard 
39.andrea morellini (IT)Luge 
40.Vašek Čvančara (CZ)Open skateboard 
41.Giulia Bottazzin (IT)Women 
42.Rachel Bruskoff (US)Open skateboardWomen
43.Julia Barklow (US)Open skateboardWomen
44.Mitch Thompson (AU)Open skateboard 
45.Tim White (AU)Open skateboard 
46.Brennan Bast (AU)Open skateboard 
47.Kyle Connelly (US)Open skateboard 
48.Lyde Begue (FR)Open skateboardWomen
49.Daina Banks (US)Open skateboard 
50.Guido Cipolla (IT)Open skateboard 
51.Alejandra Cárdenas Gutiérrez (ES)Open skateboardWomen
52.Alex Charleson (CA)Open skateboard 
53.Mariano Conti (IT)Open skateboard 
54.Alessio Damato (IT)Open skateboard 
55.Maurizio De Pollo (IT)Luge 
56.Helene Folliard (FR)Open skateboardWomen
57.Samuele Montesi (IT)Luge 
58.Andrea Moreni (IT)Luge 
59.Andrea Orlando (CH)Open skateboard 
60.Arthur Spuhler (CH)Open skateboard 
61.Robert Stehlík (CZ)Open skateboard 
62.Lilian Gutsch (DE)Open skateboardWomen

Riders p/nationality

  • IT - 15
  • US - 11
  • CH - 5
  • AU - 5
  • ES - 5
  • BR - 4
  • CZ - 4
  • FR - 3
  • AT - 2
  • CA - 2
  • DE - 2
  • GB - 2
  • AR - 1
  • BE - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 46
  • Women - 12
  • Luge - 11
  • Masters - 5
  • Juniors - 4
There are riders from 14 different nationalities attending this event.
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