Gravity Fest is one of the original and most beloved gravity sports events in the world. Originated in 2002 on Rocks Road in Munnsville, NY, it soon after moved to E Hill Rd where it has remained ever since. 16 years since its founding, the event has run 10 times with multiple brief hiatuses. It ran most recently in 2015, and was put on ice until Emgee Events decided to re-launch the event, with the blessing of previous organizers Dr.No Racing and the American Legion.

The decision to bring back Gravity Fest was easy: It’s a perfect “intermediate-plus” racetrack, with perfect pavement, 50mph top end speeds, smooth sweepers and an infamous “Crash Corner” right hairpin, an ideal spectator zone. The rider campground and American Legion bar & restaurant is located right at the finish line, making for a convenient, fun experience in the heart of beautiful Central NY, all with a low entry fee.

Gravity Fest 2018 IDF WQS – Official Promo Video

One of North America's original gravity sports events is returning to Munnsville, NY Sept 15-16 under new organizer Emgee Events (IDF boardmember Mike Girard). Learn all about Gravity Fest DH Race & Freeride – IDF WQS in the official promo video, and get registered at #KillingtonWC #IDFracingVideo by Matt Frazer Productions Thank you to Munnsville American Legion Post 54 for welcoming back this iconic event!

Geplaatst door IDF – International Downhill Federation op Dinsdag 31 juli 2018

Come join the action and warm up for Killington IDF WC the following weekend! (To race, you must log in with your IDF credentials; to freeride, you don’t need to be logged in; just click the “freeride” tab.)

Want to volunteer? Sign up at

Want to work AND ride? Sign up to freeride, and follow these directions:

Hey there everybody! Interested in being on #GravityFest Event Staff? We have a new ride + work discount freeride reg option; learn more below. Sign up via the following form: We need help from corner marshals to truck drivers, hay setup, construction, cleanup and everything in between.
Want to work a bit, ride a bit and save some money? We have a special WORK + RIDE offer: If you sign up for a 1-day freeride registration at Events will refund 25% of the fee upon completion of 1 day corner marshaling; 50% refund if you do Friday full-day setup + 1 day corner marshaling + 1 day freeride; and 75% refund if you do Friday setup, 1 day corner marshaling, 1 day freeride & Monday cleanup. Just make sure to sign up for all the days you’re able to work, make sure your Saturday / Sunday freeride + volunteer days don’t conflict, and add “WORK + RIDE” to the notes on the last question on the signup form. #EmgeeEvents

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