This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Nando Jurgens 222 NL NL Luge
Nicholas Kamink 5086 CA CA Luge
Nick Kinnish 33 CA CA Luge
Odd steinar Syversen 4907 NO NO Luge
Olivier Gerling 4785 FR FR Luge
Paul Trice 4791 GB GB Luge
Pete Oni Wouters 664 BE BE Luge
Peter Eliot 429 GB GB Luge
Philip Lynch 5282 US US Luge
Philip Rethus 120 AU AU Luge
Philippe Rulleau 3453 FR FR Luge
Pierre Fromenteil 492 FR FR Luge
Rafael Fazano 1728 ES ES Luge
Rafael Manfrinato 4128 BR BR Luge
Ramallo Augusto 3660 AR AR Luge
Ramon Pejo 5173 PH PH Luge
Raul Rodriguez Alcaide 3413 ES ES Luge
Renato Cruces 4152 PE PE Luge
René Hammann 5388 DE DE Luge
Riccardo Aldinucci 3032 IT IT Luge
Richard Shoaff 4587 US US Luge
Robert Flandro 615 US US Luge
Roberto Elias Leiva Rengifo 5095 PE PE Luge
Rodrigo Rocha 4235 BR BR Luge
Ryan Farmer 3246 US US Luge
Ryan Nothard 5398 AU AU Luge
Sabina Edwards 4042 GB GB Luge
Sarah Topping 5422 US US Luge
Scott Peer 1332 US US Luge
Sean Wheeler 1460 US US Luge
Shane MacDougall 4628 CA CA Luge
Stephanie Espau 1238 FR FR Luge
Steve Ellis 5188 AU AU Luge
Tanguy Braud 3689 FR FR Luge
Thomas Gourmelen 79 FR FR Luge
Tiago Antunes 1271 BR BR Luge
Tim Novak 129 US US Luge
Tom Weisenbach 4981 US US Luge
Tomasz Grucka 715 PL PL Luge
Tre Dildy 796 US US Luge
Troy Davidson 516 AU AU Luge
Tyler Johnson 4331 AU AU Luge
Vicente Alonso 3477 ES ES Luge
Víctor Lorente Vidal 5410 ES ES Luge
Walter Gimenez 4020 AR AR Luge
Will Stephenson 917 GB GB Luge
William Condon 436 CA CA Luge
William Myrvold 554 US US Luge
Yan Triponez 5050 CA CA Luge
Zachary Fernandez 1973 US US Luge
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