This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

Name IDF # Nationality Category
Pedro Meireles 1686 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Oliver 4804 ES ES Skateboard
Pedro Paulo Fonseca 4862 BR BR Skateboard
Pedro Ramos 3120 US US Skateboard
Pedro Virginio Barbosa 3097 BR BR Skateboard
Pelayo Ramos 4641 ES ES Skateboard
Pelayo Ramos 4639 ES ES Skateboard
Per Christner 358 SE SE Skateboard
Pete Connolly 1021 GB GB Skateboard
Pete Oni Wouters 664 BE BE Luge
Peter Andersson 1971 SE SE Skateboard
Peter Delhaas 65 NL NL Skateboard
Peter Eliot 429 GB GB Luge
Peter Eubank 838 US US Skateboard
Peter Fritz Siason 4784 PH PH Skateboard
Peter Johnston 206 AU AU Skateboard
Peter Kamischke 619 DE DE Skateboard
Peter Lafreniere 2183 US US Skateboard
Peter Morin 762 US US Skateboard
Peter Watson 2134 US US Skateboard
Petr Novák 2027 CZ CZ Skateboard
Petter Lindheim Reinem 3702 NO NO Skateboard
Philip Crow 172 US US Skateboard
Philip Cumming 3146 NZ NZ Skateboard
Philip Elsser 1723 CA CA Skateboard
Philip Mazza 2140 US US Skateboard
Philip Renners 2016 DE DE Skateboard
Philip Rethus 120 AU AU Luge
Philip Sacks 3227 US US Skateboard
Philip Skaar 1940 US US Skateboard
Philipp Ammann 2039 CH CH Skateboard
Philipp Arnold 4517 DE DE Skateboard
Philipp Liermann 1236 DE DE Skateboard
Philipp Schickor 117 DE DE Skateboard
Philippe Berthelet 2509 CA CA Skateboard
Philippe Rulleau 3453 FR FR Luge
Phill Champion 4749 AU AU Luge
Phublio Porras 1583 PE PE Skateboard
Pier-Olivier Desmarais 1941 CA CA Skateboard
Piero Mestanza 1412 PE PE Skateboard
Pierre Anton Bautista 1964 PH PH Skateboard
Pierre Dudon 4468 FR FR Skateboard
Pierre Fromenteil 492 FR FR Luge
Pierre Hardillier 3430 FR FR Skateboard
Pierre Heberle 4588 FR FR Skateboard
Pierre Proton 905 FR FR Skateboard
Pierre Van Remoortere 1269 FR FR Skateboard
Pieter Wiekens 2947 NL NL Skateboard
Prokop Daniel 1096 CZ CZ Skateboard
Qing Yunhui 4535 CN CN Skateboard
Quaeed Abrahams 2946 ZA ZA Skateboard
Quin Finocchio 75 CA CA Skateboard
Quinn Dubois 128 CA CA Skateboard
Quirin Ilmer 870 AT AT Skateboard
Rachel Bruskoff 2529 US US Skateboard
Rachel Rayne 665 US US Skateboard
Radek Lukes 157 CZ CZ Skateboard
Rafa Fernandez 3816 AR AR Skateboard
Rafael Bastos 4213 BR BR Skateboard
Rafael Da Silveira Kiotheka 1578 BR BR Skateboard
Rafael Fazano 1728 ES ES Luge
Rafael Garrido Sanchez 125 ES ES Skateboard
Rafael Manfrinato 4128 BR BR Luge
Rafael Sabella 580 BR BR Skateboard
Rafal Czuber 1320 PL PL Skateboard
Rafal de Campos Dobner 4704 BR BR Skateboard
Raiheui Nollemberger 2119 FR FR Skateboard
Rain Daley 699 US US Skateboard
Raine Kent 4356 AU AU Skateboard
Ralph Abravaya 3729 US US Skateboard
Ramallo Augusto 3660 AR AR Luge
Rami Rahman 3493 SE SE Skateboard
Ramón Santamaría Iborra 4643 ES ES Skateboard
Randy Hanford 4638 US US Skateboard
Raoul Van Den Berg 2909 ZA ZA Skateboard
Raphael Blais-Lanctot 1016 CA CA Skateboard
Raphael Harada 2575 PE PE Skateboard
Raphael Waser 4919 CH CH Skateboard
Rasmus Jarlson 1114 SE SE Skateboard
Rasmus Klintrot 908 SE SE Skateboard
Rasmus Stegemyr 2017 SE SE Skateboard
Rato Rodrigo 2922 BR BR Skateboard
Raul Alejandro 2203 MX MX Skateboard
Raul Babih 2096 RO RO Skateboard
Raul Guerrero Sarabia 1392 MX MX Skateboard
Raul Pereyra 4173 AR AR Skateboard
Raul Perez Gallego 3474 ES ES Skateboard
Raul Rodriguez Alcaide 3413 ES ES Luge
Ray Tong 4781 HK HK Skateboard
Raymond Nusbaum 367 US US Industry
Raymundo Chavarria Martinez 1425 MX MX Skateboard
Rebekka Gemperle 1216 CH CH Skateboard
Reece Trout 2983 ZA ZA Skateboard
Reid Standing 99 CA CA Skateboard
Reine Oliveira 2557 BR BR Skateboard
Reinhold Uhrner 2028 DE DE Skateboard
Remy Amsalem 3475 FR FR Skateboard
Remy Mialon 4924 FR FR Skateboard
Remy Sneek 3405 NL NL Skateboard
Renan Lage 1671 BR BR Skateboard