Why did you take $ 30 from my PayPal?

When you joined the IDF, you agreed to an annual recurring membership payment. This means your membership remains active until you decide to cancel, or […]

How do I cancel my membership ?

When you joined the IDF, you agreed to a recurring membership for which you’ll be charged $ 30,- per year. You are free to cancel […]

How do I renew my IDF membership ?

Your membership will be renewed annually, unless you cancel the subscription. If you’re membership is inactive, you can reactivate it from your profile page. Just […]

What emails do riders get?

Riders get two emails when they register for a race: When they register they receive a confirmation, including a link back to their personal page […]

The sex on my profile is incorrect

On the old website, there was no dependency on sex, on the new website there is. We use this information to determine if you’re eligible […]

My date of birth is incorrect

Your date of birth is taken from the form when you signed up for the IDF. This field is made ‘uneditable’ on purpose, so juniors […]

Where can I find my membership expiry date ?

IDF membership’s are renewed automatically each year. Unless you cancel the recurring payment through PayPal, your account does not expire. If you have cancelled the […]

How do I register for an event ?

If you want to register for an event, make sure you are a paying member and logged in to your account. Then visit the event […]

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