On Saturday 27th May 2023, the IDF board and membership voted to formally dissolve the organization. In keeping with Article 37 of the IDF constitution, the board called an extraordinary general meeting and the members present voted to dissolve the organization. Because 75% of the membership was not present, a second meeting was held and the members again voted to dissolve.


All PayPal accounts have been shut down. Automatic charges are permanently ended.


We will now begin the process of settling the organization’s debts and distributing its assets, which consist of two timing systems, the website, and approximately $50,000.


Organizations and individuals who the IDF owes money should be in contact by June 10th to settle those debts.


Organizations involved in work similar to the IDF’s original mission of promoting the downhill disciplines are invited to apply for grants of five, ten, or fifteen thousand dollars and/or a timing system by emailing a proposal including the organization’s mission statement, a description of its past work, and an explanation of what it plans to do with the money to board@internationaldownhillfederation.org


We will accept proposals until 12am GMT on June 10th. The board will begin evaluating proposals June 3rd and make a final decision on how to distribute the funds by June 25th.

James Hopkin

This post was written by James Hopkin

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