This is the current IDF/GGA situation.

The current IDF Board has had Swiss legal advice that confirms the current IDF board is legitimate, the organisation based in Switzerland is legitimate and we have no legal issues. We are moving forward with the organisation and calling for people who are interested in joining the board. 

The problems the board has faced in 2022 have been based on a misinterpretation of Swiss Law. 

At the beginning of this year, the board met with a small group of European riders, who had approached us with concerns that the IDF was not supporting their scene. After a sometimes-difficult conversation, we agreed they could be more active in our board meetings in the hope that we could work together to address the Europeans’ needs, perhaps by running timing and the rulebook at their events this summer. 

The end result was a difficult Extraordinary General Assembly, during which our European advisor stated there was no other remedy to the alleged legal problems other than dissolving the IDF. The current board thought they were handing the organisation to a new leadership team but, in fact, that team just wanted to dissolve IDF and distribute the assets. At the time, the board felt they were ambushed into the situation and needed to get real legal advice to make sure the right lawful decisions were to be made. 

That legal advice has been reviewed and the current board was correct in its current management. The current board has not broken any Swiss laws and they have operated appropriately within the confines of the law.    

Unfortunately, this legal drama prevented us from fulfilling the IDF’s core mission: resuming the world tour after covid. 

The board would like to hear from anyone within our community who would like to help us restart the IDF activities and the IDF World Cup Tour. Please email your interest to

James Hopkin

This post was written by James Hopkin

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